The Fairy Wish – Children’s Book

Luis Weston, author of The Fairy Wish and blogger Single Daddy Daycare was looking for fellow bloggers to review his new book. When I heard that not only was it a book about fairies, unicorns and wishes but contained a quest with a secret password and rock hunting, I knew it was something my family had to check out!

The book arrived to us through the post and my little girl, Isla instantly fell in love with the book from the second we unwrapped it! The front cover is very colourful and appealing to young children. Isla loved the front cover! She loved the beautiful green fairy holding her magic wand, the unicorn with multi-coloured hair, the castle, the rainbow and the hearts and stars!

At bedtime, I decided to read the book to my three children, the boys hadn’t shown much interest in the book up to now but they all love a bedtime story. After a bath, we all got comfy and settled down for the story. All three of them enjoyed the story, especially Joshua. On one of the first pages in the book, you read about a Treasure Chest Quest. I explained to Joshua that on each page there was a hidden stone with a letter on. Once you have found the letters it makes a secret password!

The secret password is actually needed on a website and you are given more information and fun activities from there. My eldest was extremely excited, we decided to read the story then once the younger children were in bed, me and Joshua would find the hidden letters. We enjoyed the story that much we actually read it twice, I read it first then Joshua wanted to read it to his brother and sister. Oscar loved listening to his brother tell the story and seemed to enjoy it even more the second time around.

Joshua rushed downstairs with his note pad and pen and got working on the quest. He loves reading and writing and happily searched for the hidden letters. We soon worked out the secret password and headed to the website listing in the book.

From here we followed the instructions and joined a Facebook rock hunting group! This was fantastic! Me and my children love rock hunting, we love painting rocks and hiding them. We have been rock hunting for some time now and we even have our own Facebook group #outandaboutmummyrocks.

Me and Joshua painted this little fella, isn’t he cute? We will be hiding next weekend when we are going to the coast for Joshua’s birthday.

This book is loved by both my 2 year olds as well as my 5 year old. There’s something for all with beautiful fairies and magical unicorns to searching for hidden passwords and cracking codes! My family love this book as it’s unique and such a lovely story. You can purchase this book now via this link from Amazon.

*This is a sponsored post as we were gifted a book in exchange for an honest review. All words are written by Out and About Mummy and we truly enjoyed the book, we look forward to more books by Luis Weston.

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