Rock of Ages Musical- Manchester Review

As you probably know, I love musicals! It’s hard to say what my favourite would be as I like so many, but Rock of Ages is definitely one of my favourites for sure! My husband and I were at Opera House last night and we didn’t stop laughing! I love this musical. Two press nights in one week! I’m certainly a lucky girl.

Rock of Ages is ultimately a love story set in the 80’s in LA. Drew (Luke Walsh) is ‘just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit‘, hoping to make it big as a rock star. He meets ‘small town girl‘ Sherrie (Rhiannon Chesterman) who also has a dream, she wants to be a famous actress. Like most stories, they’re tale of falling in love isn’t an easy ride.

The story takes place between two clubs on Sunset Strip. The show was loud, bright and it definitely was rocking!

Rock Of Ages Musical The Alexandra Birmingham New Tour Cast 21/22 ©The Other Richard

Lonny (Joe Gash) introduced himself and the show, not only was he a ‘barman’ at The Bourbon Bar, he was also the Narrator. He absolutely stole the show for me, he was hilarious, so at ease with the audience, he was OTT which made him more funny, he was loud and loveable! Lonny totally makes the show for me!

This show is a different kind of musical, it definitely doesn’t take itself seriously! It was fun and naughty, very naughty in parts! It was extremely cheesy, but I love cheese. It was very tongue-in-cheek and has a concert-style feel throughout.

I would say that compared to other musicals I’ve seen, Rock of Ages had quite a basic storyline and a pretty simple set, but that’s all part of the show! Lonny makes reference to the uncomplexity of the story and there’s plenty of jokes about the set including little ride-on motorbikes and cut out palm trees.

What makes this show fantastic is the cast, the singing and of course- the soundtrack! The cast are all stars, their voices are fantastic! Kevin Clifton from BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing plays Stacee Jaxx and he gives a great performance.

Rock Of Ages Musical The Alexandra Birmingham New Tour Cast 21/22 ©The Other Richard

The part of the show that had everyone stood up and dancing in the aisles is the soundtrack! The massive 80’s hits that the whole musical is set against. Journeys Don’t Stop Believing was sang towards the end, getting the audience up on their feet, clapping and singing along. Other massive hits includes Built This City, I Want To Know What Love Is and The FINAL Countdown.

Rock Of Ages is a show I won’t forget and it’s rocking! It was loud, fun, naughty and brilliant!

It’s back at The Opera House Manchester Tuesday 5th October to Saturday 9th October 2021. See here for ticket information! It’s well worth seeing.

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