My Struggle For A Good Nights Sleep! Reviewing the Sleep Master Mask

REVIEW – I was gifted this product in exchange for an honest review. As a mum who has always been a light sleeper, this product sounded perfect for me!

Even before I had children I wasn’t the best sleeper. I’d struggle if it’s too light and I’m such a light sleeper so traffic noise can wake me up easily (I’m lucky my husband doesn’t snore!). Then I had children and getting enough sleep wasn’t going to improve, if anything it got worse. So I’ve just learnt to live with it. Over the years of broken sleep, I have tried a number of sleep masks and use one regularly.

My children are growing up and sleep really well, most nights I could get an uninterrupted nights sleep but I still don’t. The eye masks I use do tend to block out light that’s coming from our hallway (kids need a light left on) or the street light outside my window. But they tend to be very uncomfortable, annoying me around my ears and it usually falls off during the night.

Sleep Masters mask

That’s why I agreed the trying out the Sleep Master Sleep mask. It’s designed for people with sleeping difficulties, for people who sleep during the day due to work pattens, for use whilst travelling or those with partners who watch TV or read late at night. As I said, I wanted to try it out as I regularly used masks in order to get a good nights sleep.

When it arrived I was surprised at the size and the look of the mask. As shown in the photo below, traditional sleep masks I have used before have a thin strap to go around your ears, whereas the Sleep Master was wide enough to completely cover your eyes and ears, something I hadn’t thought about before. The mask is a lovely soft material that’s perfect on your skin, it’s latex free and hypoallergenic too!

Sleep mask size diff

The Sleep Master mask is a ‘revolutionary sleep mask’ that not only offers ‘total light elimination’ but also ‘built-in sound muffling’. The padded soft and breathable fabric was designed to block out all unwanted light and is padded around the ears to block out noise.

Traditional eye masks that I’ve used before only block out light and I find they usually fall off during the night. The thin strap can also be very uncomfortable. I was very excited to try out the Sleep Master, the one size fits all mask has Velcro strips so you can adjust to suit you!

Sleep master mask sleepy

I couldn’t believe how comfortable the Sleep Master mask was, it’s extremely easy to use and it blocks out every bit of light which has made a big difference to me. I find it stays put whilst I sleep, doesn’t move or fall off and the added built-in sound muffling is brilliant! It means I’m not disturbed by the odd traffic outside but can still here if my children wake. The Sleep Master mask does come with some ear plugs for those who want complete silence but as a mum with young children the mask blocks out enough noise for me!

The Sleep Master didn’t come in any fancy, waste-full packaging. It arrived in the post in a lightweight and water resistant envelope, zip-lock bag and a recyclable card with details on. There was even a top tip on the card about placing the mask in the zip-lock bag and popping it in the freezer, great for cooling down at night.

The Sleep Master mask that I tried out retails at £19.99, postage and packing is completely free!

I would definitely recommend trying it out for yourself if you struggle for a good nights sleep!

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