Be a Ninja Master with Slap Ninja

Slap Ninja by JAKKS Pacific is a new, fast-placed skill and action game for children and grown-ups alike. Have you got what it takes to become the Master or are you the Student?

We were kindly gifted this game in exchange for an honest review. My children and I love to review toys, and this one was especially fun to play with.

Slap Ninja came in a cardboard box with very little plastic, it was simple enough to open and get in to and it was so easy to start playing. There was no set up required, it even comes with batteries. That’s a big thumbs up from me!

The rules of the game were pretty simple. It’s a two player game, one of you is the Master and one the student. The Master Ninja has to protect his coin by using his huge karate chop slap! To win, either the Master or the Student must defeat their opponent three times. After the third time, the loser will get ZAPPED!

Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt! The game vibrates and it can be loud on a hard surface. My children jumped out of their skin the first time it happened, thinking it was absolutely hilarious!

It’s definitely a fun game, we loved playing it, it’s perfect for a family games night. It’s a nice quick and easy game that provided lots of fun and laughter.

The age is recommended for age 4+, I would have to say that I think young children may struggle pulling the trigger to use the karate chop slap. Slap Ninja by JAKKS Pacific retails for about £20 and I think it’s a brilliant game for all ages and families.

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