Becoming Honorary Elves with the Elf Adventure Challenge

Over the weekend we spent the day in Liverpool and visited the gorgeous St George’s Hall as we took park in the Elf Adventure Challenge with Wonder Adventures.

Over the past year or so, I have been lucky enough to have worked with Wonder Adventures on serval occasions and we’ve always had lots of fun!

The Elf Adventure Challenge is fun, interactive sessions for families with children aged 2-10.

Last Saturday we were greeted by Gunter the Elf at St Georges Hall. Whilst we waited for all the Elves-to-be to arrive, Gunter entertained us with some Elf magic and he even taught us the Elf March!

In order to become honorary elves, all the children needed to complete a series of tasks and challenges with the help of Gunter, Jingle and Dee (because she puts extra DEEtail into Christmas organisation! Each children gets their very own Elf station and Jingle the Elf explained the first challenge.

Everyone knows that elves make the toys for Santa, so the first challenge was to test to see how well (and how fast) the children could build a toy! My three children (with the help from mummy and daddy) tipped out the first box to find some blueprints of a robot and lots of nuts and bolts. The kids enjoyed following the picture and we soon had three little robots.

The other challenges included decorating a Christmas tree, sorting and stacking presents and even throwing snowballs! It was lots of fun, it was really nice to do something a little different with my children. Watching all my children enjoy themselves was lovely but it was also great as they wanted us to get involved too.

After the challenges, each child received a colour Christmas storybook and a certificate! The certificate was to congratulate them on becoming honorary elves. Jingle and Dee explained that now Father Christmas may call upon them at any time to help in the North Pole! My three thought this was very exciting!

After a sing-song and a boogie to the Elf March, the kids learnt the Elves secret wave before saying goodbye.

We had a wonderful and magical time, it was lovely to do something Christmassy as a family. The sessions are great, really interactive, great fun for the whole family.

These sessions are running now, every weekend in December plus Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th (5 sessions per day). Book here.

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