Our Trip To Wensleydale Creamery

This is a sponsored post, my family and I were invited and gifted a family pass in exchange for our honest review.

I absolutely LOVE cheese! So you could image how excited I was when me and my family got invited to Wensleydale Creamery based in Hawes, Wensleydale. We realised it was only an hour away from our caravan near Morecambe, so we decided to visit whilst there for the bank holiday weekend.

The Wensleydale Creamery is famous for its Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese and visitors centre. We arrived at the creamery just before midday on the Sunday. We headed straight to the visitor centre and cheese shop. Due to it being a bank holiday it was so busy, everyone was queuing for the coffee shop and restaurant, so we decided to check out the Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese Experience first.

Described as a ‘new interactive experience’ that will take ‘you on a journey through the art of cheese-making’, we were really looking forward to it!

We collected our tickets and headed into the demonstration room to watch Wensleydale cheese being made by hand! Every hour there’s a chance to watch a live demonstration so there’s no worry that you’ll miss out. We really enjoyed the live demonstration, the host made it very interesting by giving us lots of facts, information as well as lots of witty and funny comments. It was also very interactive, she asked for some volunteers from the audience, Joshua was luckily picked and he was given the chance to have a go at making his own butter! He was very impressed!

We next headed into the little hands-on museum attached to the cheese-making viewing gallery. It was great for kids, there’s big light rooms full of cheese related information and hands-on games and activities. The kids enjoyed driving the children’s milk tanker, milking a cow as well as other puzzles and mazes.

There was a lovely little area to colour in and a space to watch clips of Wallace and Gromit (which my kids thought was amazing). There’s plenty of interactive screens sharing lots of information about cheese from finding out how you make blue cheese to how you put cranberries in cheese. We checked out the cheese-making viewing gallery and saw all the large machines used to make the cheese in the factory. Unfortunately at the weekend the factory isn’t in use, during the week you’re able to watch the factory in all it’s working glory.

As it was a glorious day, we sat on the grassed area outside the visitors centre and enjoyed our picnic before heading back into the cheese shop. This was the part I’d been waiting for! There was the chance to sample over 20 varieties of cheese, and we did! My favourites included the original Wensleydale cheese, the Modern Blue and the Hot and Spicy Cheddar. We picked up a few cheeses to buy to take home (7 different cheeses to be exact) as well as a jar of red onion chutney and some luxury crackers.

We finished off our afternoon with a visit to the cafe. We sat outside with ice creams from Brymor Ice-cream farm, scones and tea. The views were fantastic!

We had a lovely afternoon and we’ll definitely be back soon. Tonight we’re having Wensleydale cheese and crackers for tea…… yum yum.

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