Pull My Finger- The Game That Comes Up Trumps!

Like a lot of families, we love to play games but it can be hard to find one that everyone likes. Most are too hard my three year old twins to understand , if we choose easier games then my 7 year old tends to get bored.

We had no problem with the kids getting bored with Pull My Finger. When the opportunity arose to review this game, I just knew it would be a hit in our house, especially with my 7-year-old son. He’s a stereotypical young boy who finds anything to do with passing wind hilarious!

When it arrived, we opened the box and easily put the monkey ‘Mr Buster’ together. The aim of the game is ‘to avoid the farts and win!’ Sounds simple enough. Before we even started playing my eldest was in hysterics when I read on the box that his ‘butt inflates!’

The game was really simple to play and easy to follow, even my nearly 3 year old twins understood. The game says suitable for ages 4 and up (due to any small parts) so we supervised our children playing it.

When playing the game, you take turns to spin the ‘Banana Spinner’. The spinner either lands on a Miss A Go, Reverse Play, Player to Chose a Player or Number of Pulls. The game continues and Mr Buster’s butt inflates as you pull his finger, to my children’s delight!

At any point, the monkey’s butt will blow and make a ‘fart’ sound. Well, I had lost my three children by this point, the aim of the game is to avoid the fart, but they all wanted to do was to make Mr Buster blow! It was hilarious.

I’ve sped it up as it’s even more funny!

They have asked everyday since we tried the game if they can play the game again, so I would definitely say it’s been a hit in my house! You could say it came up trumps!

I did notice that the monkey comes with two butts. So over time, you will be able to replace the over used butt. The only thing I was disappointed with is when you’re not playing with the game, it doesn’t fit back in the box! It makes it difficult to store as I need to find a box to put it in.

Apart from it not being able to be stored in the box, we’d give it 5 stars!

I was kindly gifted this game in exchange for an honest review.

You can get Pull My Finger from Smyths Toy Store for £13.99

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