RNCM Young Explorers – Mother Goose

Over the weekend we visited the Royal Northen College of Music as me and my family were invited back for their next Young Explorers concert.

The RNCM Young Explorers is a series of concerts throughout the year designed to introduce young people to the magical world of music.

Before taking our seats the kids headed to passport control, they’d remembered from last time! When attending a Young Explorers concert, children recieve a passport. The passport is to be stamped each time they attend one of the concerts, once 6 stamps are collected you’ll receive a certificate and a free family ticket to another event!

You may remember my review of the Young Explorers Hocus Pocus concert, where I said how I was a little apprehensive about sitting in a concert hall for over an hour with 2 year old twins and a giddy 6 year old! There was no way they would sit still and be quiet for the entire time. But all my worries were soon washed away, these concerts are relaxed and family friendly.

Whilst we waiting for the concert to start, Joshua enjoyed naming all the instruments that he could see on stage, he even rememebered difficult ones (like the celesta that we hadn’t heard of before) from the previous concert.

The concert soon started and conductor Tom Newall introduced the Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra. Tom also introduced actor and musican Amy Webber who would be narrating throughout the concert.

The Mother Goose concert took us on a journey into the world of fairy tales! Firstly we heard the story of Sleeping Beauty, the storytelling by Amy mixed with the live orchestra was spectular and helped keep the kids concentration.

During the interval, Mother Goose herself had left a chocolate egg as a treat for all the children which went down well with the kids! The story of Mother Goose dates back to an accient Greek legend about a goose that laid golden eggs. After a short break we were back in our seats, continuing our journey of fairytales!

The concert was lovely, the music was magnificent and there was such a lovely atmosphere. Me and my family really love these concerts as they allow families with young children the opportunity to introduce them to classical music, to a live orchestra, to the magical stories but without the stress of a typical concert. These concerts really are ‘relaxed’, it doesn’t matter if your child is talking or fidgeting. Each time one of mine lost their concentration, I tried to bring their attention back but without worrying about the rest of the audience. There is always plenty of audience participation too.

Just like the last concert, the children were welcomed onto the stage at the end to speak with the players and even have a go on some of the instruments! All the children seem to love this part and it’s so much fun but also helpful with their learning. Joshua has rememeberd so much from the last concert.

We had a lovely afternoon and can’t wait for the next RNCM Young Explorers concert. I am back at the RNCM in May (without the children) to see Sweet Charity. To see their full Spring 2019 brochure, see here.


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