The Tiger Who Came To Tea Live

Over the past year, me and my family have been to see several family shows at the theatre. There’s something special about seeing a live play!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea returned to the stage last year to celebrate its 10th anniversary on stage and 50 years of Britain’s best-loved picture book!

The Tiger Who Came To Tea is a favourite story book in our house.

My family and I were lucky enough to catch the show whilst it was showing in Oldham at the Coliseum. We were all very excited to see the show, the kids know the story so well and we couldn’t wait to see it on stage.

Just as in the book, we are begin the story with Sophie and her mummy and daddy. As her daddy leaves for work, we watch Sophie and her mummy answer the doorbell to her daddy (as he forgot his key), the milkman, the postman and a Tiger!

The show was full of singing and dancing to the delight of my little ones. Isla was clapping and dancing in her seat. There was plenty of audience participation which was fantastic, the kids loved waving at the Tiger and calling out to the cast.

There was plenty of magical moments that had the children (and us adults) left in amazement and wondering how things were done! Food reappeared in the fridge and cupboards as if by magic, right in front of our eyes!

The show was very cleverly done.

Join the tea-guzzling tiger in this delightful family show; packed with oodles of magic, sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos! A stunning stage adaptation of the classic tale of teatime mayhem… expect to be surprised!

The show was an absolute delight from start to finish.

For more information and to book tickets, you can visit The Tiger Who Cane To Tea Live website here.

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