What The Lady Bird Heard

Out and About Mummy recently ran a fab competition for some lucky readers to win tickets to see What The Lady Bird Heard Live at The Lowry this Friday. Me and my family were lucky enough to be offered press tickets and we couldn’t have been more excited! What The Lady Bird Heard is one of our favourite Julia Donaldson book and bedtime story.

The show was in the Quays Theatre in The Lowry. We were nice and early so could enjoy the views and even find a couple of Bees! (check out a few of my previous posts if you have no idea what I’m talking about).

We headed into the theatre to get our seats and were very surprised to see were in seated in the Stalls Tier, we had our own little box! It’s safe to say we felt extra special. Poor daddy was in work so he couldn’t come with us unfortunately, but the kids were over the moon that there Auntie Jess could come along.

The stage and set was very brightly coloured and looked fantastic. The show starts early on the farm one morning, when the farmer and his friends wants to tell us their favourite story book, What The Lady Bird Heard. We soon meet the two cats and the farmers prize cow but what about the rest of the animals and where is the lady bird? The story is based on the best-selling picture book by Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks, the show is full of original songs, live music, puppetry and plenty of audience participation!

Our favourite things about the show would be:

  • the live music. There was plenty of sound effects used in the show which were made live on stage with musical instruments which was very impressive. For example, when the two crafty robbers were tiptoeing around and trying to sneak, a member of the cast used a violin to make the tiptoeing noise.
  • the ladybird. The ladybird was projected onto the stage, whether on the house or on the tree. At one point, she landed on a member of the cast and even started moving. The kids, and myself thought this was extremely clever!
  • the use of puppets. The was plenty of puppets throughout the show and they were used in such a way that I don’t think my younger two even knew they weren’t real animals!

It was such a fantastic show, it’s so nice to watch your children enjoying themselves and they were even dancing in their seats.

The show is on now until the 26th August at The Lowry so there is plenty of time to go and see it! I would definitely recommend the show, all three of my children enjoyed it (they are 2 and 6). For more information about times and booking the show, see here.






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