Summer Coding Fun with CodeToday- Review

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Last week, Joshua completed the Level 1 Online Coding in Python with CodeToday, and it was so much fun!

This course was a 4-day course consisting in live sessions, on demand videos and support. CodeToday are offering summer online coding courses, perfect for children aged 7-16. These sessions are taught to small groups online, there were about 6 children in Joshua’s session.

Enrolling was simple and so was getting ready for the course. I made sure we were logged into our CodeToday account just before the first session, including being logged into Zoom. We were introduced to the instructor, a friendly lady called Jana. She explained to the group that during the course they were going to learn to code in Python.

In simple terms, Python is a coding language which is a perfect starting point for beginners as it’s easy to read, write and understand.

The sessions were well structured plus there were plenty of notes and on demand videos to keep my son busy. Joshua looked forward to completing the mini quizzes after each session. Jana was a great instructor, she explained what the children were doing and the sessions were easy to follow and pick up.

My son was engaged with each session, he enjoyed the tasks that were given to him. He especially liked sharing his screen to show Jana what he had done. I liked how the instructor managed to spilt her time evenly with the group, even providing one on one attention at times.

Joshua picked up so much in a short space of time, he found it really interesting. It was great to do something a little different, especially after months of home schooling. I’m sure Joshua will be interested in completing level 2 in the future!

This summer online coding course was 100% interactive and lots of fun. Check out their website or Facebook page for more information.

Johua’s final task, he was pretty impressed.

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