Pride and Prejudice

As you probably know, Out and About Mummy has been invited to review Heartbreak Productions summer season. Over the last few weeks, me and my family have seen some fantastic shows including The Midnight Gang and Much Ado About Nothing.

Last night I met my sister after work and we travelled again to Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens in Didsbury. We picked up a picnic of sushi and prosecco and took our seats right at the front of the stage!

Me and my sister sat on a picnic blanket on the grass so we were sat close to the stage. People behind us had the own chairs, then further back was the premium seating which was under cover.

The weather was lovely, again and the atmosphere was amazing! People were relaxing in the sun with their picnics, some fancy some not. We even noticed a large family seat a table, table cloth and even had a candelabra!

The show soon began and we quickly realised how funny this adaption was going to be! If your unfamiliar with the story of Pride and Prejudice, it follows the story of The Bennett family. Mrs Bennett is desperate for any of her 5 daughters to get married as they have no sons and are at risk of losing everything.

There was plenty of audience participation which was brilliant. We learnt how to bow and courtesy and to even dance!

The actors were all very versatile. There was only a cast of 5 people but actually 20 characters in the show! Each member of the cast played several parts. Special mention must go to Samantha Dart who among others played Mrs Bennett and Lady Catherine De Bourgh. What a fantastic actress! Each character she played was so different yet she portrayed them perfectly! Her facial expressions were hilarious too, she brought so much to her characters.

We had a fabulous evening and I can’t wait to see The Railway Children next month. Tickets can be bought online now.

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