Swimming Nature With Olympian Jess Lloyd

During the summer I cancelled Joshua’s public pool swimming lessons. He’d had around 8 months worth of lessons and we had seen absolutely no improvement, he still wore armbands and he was exactly at the same point as when we started.

He has always been confident in the water, he loves going swimming and jumping in! We started at a local public swimming pool but I was quickly unimpressed. The classes were large, some weeks there were 8 in his class. Plus there was little consistency, in the 8 months Joshua was taught, the instructor changed all the time. We decided to take a break from swimming lessons whilst I did a little research.

Call it perfect timing but Swimming Nature contacted me offering Joshua a couple of lessons and asked me to come and check them out. It sounded fantastic, actually it sounded too good to be true and they explained that class sizes are small to maximise teaching time. The class sizes with Swimming Nature is either one-to-one or two-to-one which sounded great!

I did a little research before we started the lessons and met the programme manager of our local pool in Dobcross, Oldham. I checked out Swimming Nature’s website and found that it’s the UK premium provider of bespoke swimming tuition. On their website they claim they are unlike anything you’ll find at any other provider and that they recruit and train professional swimming specialists. The description sounded really good and if I’m honest, sounded like it would be too expensive for myself.

I also soon realised that teaching Joshua to swim was the Programme Manager at the local Swimming Natures pool and Olympian Jess Lloyd! Me and Joshua headed to the gorgeous pool at Manor House Barn in Dobcross for his first lesson very excited.

Jess was extremely welcoming and friendly. She was great with Joshua. They both got into the pool and she explained how he won’t be wearing armbands to learn with her at all! Within seconds of the lesson starting I was so impressed. Jess told Joshua to lie back, she placed a hand on his back and supported his head whilst he kicked and swam on his back a length of the pool.

Throughout his first 30 minute lesson, Jess had Joshua swimming lengths on his back supported by Jess, on his front with a float and also diving for swimming rings! So the children aren’t struggling to stand up or cling onto the side, there are large swimming blocks under the water for them to stand on whilst being taught.

Joshua finished his lesson exhausted but he’d had a fantastic time! Jess definitely pushed Joshua and made him work hard but he had fun whilst doing it! He left his lesson with a massive smile and couldn’t wait for the next one. Before we left, Joshua asked Jess if she would sign her autograph on a Team GB 2012 baby grow that he wore when he was only 4 weeks old.

The following week we arrived for Joshua’s second lesson and I was even more impressed. By the end of his second lesson, Jess got Joshua to swim the width of the pool unaided and then handed his with his first ever swimming badge- 5m. Joshua was over the moon and I was gobsmacked how quickly he achieved it with Jess and so proud.

At the end of the lesson, Jess spoke to me and Joshua and told us the points that Joshua needed to work on and how she and Joshua were going to improve his technique. It was at this point I decided that these lessons were worth paying for, the difference between other lessons was massive, the quality of the teaching and their expertise all made me to decide to book Joshua lesson with Jess. We have now booked Joshua a term of lessons. When we first met Jess she said you really need to see it to believe it and I know what she means!

These lessons are extremely unique and tailor made for your child. Joshua has come on so much in such a short space of time.

Manor House Barn can offer flexible payment terms including paying monthly if you book direct through them. You can contact Manor House Barn via Facebook, email info@manorhousebarn.com or call 07724 873114.

Fantastic news for my readers, if you quote OAM0001 when making an enquiry and booking, you will be offered a discount!

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