Madagascar The Musical

We’ve been looking forward to see Madagascar The Musical for some time now, it’s one of my sons favourite films. Me and my son brought some friends along to press night at the Palace as we were invited to come and check out the show. We we’re all really excited!

If your little ones are big fans of the movie, make sure you head to the Palace Manchester this week as your not going to want to miss this musical!

The stage setting throughout was amazing, so bright and colourful. The set was extremely clever, changing from New York City to Madagascar in the matter of seconds!

Matt Terry, winner of 2016 XFactor, played Alex the lion and he was fantastic! He had a great voice, but was also a fab lion! He had the moves and a great character. My son instantly fell in love with his character just like in the film. Another fab character is Marty the zebra played by Antoine Murray-Straughan. He brought plenty of laughter to the show.

If you don’t know the film, the story follows the life of Marty a zebra and his friends in the Central Park Zoo in New York. His friends, Alex, the king of the park, Melman a giraffe and Gloria a hippo, surprise Marty with a cake on his birthday. Little did they know, Marty’s birthday wish soon changes their lives really quickly!

There is singing and dancing throughout the whole show. It’s full of original songs which is great. The kids absolutely loved the second have as we got to ‘move it move it’. The whole audience thought is was brilliant when all the animals started to ‘floss’ and my son was over the moon when the king of the lemurs did a dab!

One of my favourite scenes would have to be where the animals are in crates to be sent to Africa (see photo below). It was portrayed fabulously and looked great! It was really clever and was so similar to the film. As the storm threw the boat about, the crates started to move apart and side to side, really impressive!

I can’t recommend this family fun musical enough! It’s recommended for ages over 5 and I would agree with that. Each half is about 45 minutes long, perfect for short attention spans. We had no problem as there was so much happening on stage, it was truly awesome!

Madagascar The Musical is on at the Palace Manchester now until Saturday 18th, see here for tickets and more infomation. You and your family will really have a ROARsome time!

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