RNCM Young Explorers The Showstoppers Kids Show

My family and I were invited to the latest RNCM Young Explorers concert, The Showstoppers Kids Show over the weekend. We headed to the Royal Northern College of Music very excited, knowing to expect great things after the other performances we have seen. You can read my previous reviews here.

The RNCM Young Explorers is a series of concerts throughout the year designed to introduce young people to the magical world of music.

The Showstoppers create an improvised musical from scratch, different with every performance as the audience shout out their suggestions. The Kids Show is exactly the same, but just with suggestions from kids only!

The show started with 5 actors on stage and they asked the kids to shout as loud as they could. The children were then asked for suggestions of where their musical will take place, we needed a setting for our story. Several children shouted out suggestions and the kids voted their choice with cheering the loudest. Their suggestions were as random as they liked ranging from the story being set in Italy, in space or in the jungle.

Our musical started in the jungle. As soon as the audience cheered loudest for the jungle, the pianist and dummer started the play and the actors went straight into a musical number all about the jungle.

Some of them sang about different animals in the jungle whilst others pretended to be those animals.

Throughout the musical, the children in the audience decided everything. From the main characters to the plot. They chose what happened next no matter how crazy! If their imagination could think of it, the actors would perform it.

The show was extremely clever, fast paced and very quick witted. It was lots of fun to watch and the children loved it. But I watched it in astonishment. The way the actors thought up actions and lyrics on the spot. The songs they made up made sense, they even rhymed and were funny!

Check out what’s coming up from the RNCM via their brochure. Watch this space for information on upcoming Young Explorers concerts.

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