Aladdin- Oldham Coliseum Panto Review

For the past few years, a trip to Oldham Coliseum to see their famous annual pantomime is definitely the start of the festive season for me and my family! The show’s never disappoint and this years panto, Aladdin was just as good, if not better than any we’ve seen before!

As with every year, the show is full of laughter, songs, dance and plenty of silliness!There’s definitely something for everyone; young and old a like would love the Oldham Coliseum panto!

The mix between a traditional fairy-tale and a modern story is something that Oldham Coliseum get perfectly right each year! The use of modern pop songs works brilliantly.

Credit- Darren Robinson

This years panto is Aladdin which is a well-known and much loved tale. But as with any traditional panto, not all will go to plan and that’s usually the best part….. when it goes wrong!

When Aladdin finds a magic lamp it seems that all his dreams have come true, but hiding in the shadows the evil Aunty Banazar has a scheme to steal the lamp and use it to rule the land. With the help of the Genie, join Aladdin as he tries to save Princess Jasmine, Oldham and the world!

There were plenty of regular faces for any of the audience that (like us) see the Oldham Coliseum panto each year. Shorelle Hepkin played Aladdin (she was previously Cinderella), also Sam Glen who had previously played Jack and the Beanstalk is this time Aladdins brother. It was great to see Liz Carney who once again returned to the dark side as Aunty Banazar. I love when Liz is a ‘baddy’, she always puts on a great performance and has a fantastic voice!

Credit- Darren Robinson

A firm favourite of ours and of many is Richard J Fletcher. This year he plays Dame Window Twankee. Each year his performance doesn’t disappoint, he interacts with the audience throughout the show and is full of energy from start to finish! He’s brilliant and the kids (and adults for that matter) love him!

Like every year with the Oldham Coliseum panto, Aladdin has the perfect mix between slap-stick silliness, jokes for the adults (which all fly over my kids heads) and some great singing and dancing!

I asked the kids for their favourite parts, here’s what they said –

  • I liked when we had to shout ‘Wishy’ when he said ‘what’s my name’ (Oscar aged 5)
  • when they threw sweets! (Isla aged 5)
  • It was funny when the ghost was behind them and we were shouting because it was behind them but they kept looking the wrong way! (Isla aged 5)
  • My favourite character was Wishy because he was really funny and my favourite bit of the pantomime was when the ghost came up to them and scared them. (Joshua aged 9)

Aladdin is runs from Saturday 13th November 2021 -Saturday 8th January 2022.

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