Wuthering Heights

Over the weekend, my husband and I we’re lucky enough to see Heartbreak Productions Wuthering Heights in Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens.

You may remember that I have again this year been given the chance to review their entire 2019 Summer season. Seeing their outdoor shows last year was definitely the highlight of our summer so as you can imagine, we were very excited.

We were lucky enough for a dry and sunny evening (apart from the last 15 minutes where we got wet!) We packed outdoor chairs, blankets and a picnic and took our seats in front of the stage in the park.

Due to the recent wet weather we’ve had, the park was more like a swap than a playing field! The ground was extremely boggy, but that wasn’t going to stop the performers or the audience.

As the actors welcomed us, they also helped us find the best places to sit, helping us with any issues we had such as our chairs sinking! All was done in character which is great.

The show started as a general meeting for the Society for Scientific Reasearch into Paranormal Phenomena (or SSIPP for short) and us the audience were the members.

We were soon transported back in time to the Yorkshire Moors, as we followed the ghosts of Cathy and Heathcliff. The way the actors changed instantly from one character to the other was great and with very little scenery and props! Outstanding.

The tale was ghostly and gothic, a tragic tale of two restless souls. But there was also plenty of comedy and lightheartedness, perfect for a summers evening.

I’m yet to be disappointed with any performance I’ve seen with Heartbreak Productions! We recently saw Grangsta Granny with the kids and we loved it! This show is touring for the whole summer, see when it’s on near you.

You can find out more about the 2019 summer season here, including information about Romeo and Juliet and Private Lies.

You can also read my reviews from last summer featuring The Midnight Gang, The Railway Children, Much Ado About Nothing and Pride and Prejudice.

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