Peppa Pig’s Adventure

Peppa Pig Live at the Palace Theatre and Opera House Manchester March 2018.

What a fantastic way to introduce very young children to the world of theatre! Out and About Mummy (and family) was lucky to have tickets to the show and we had a superb time!

We arrived at the Opera House with 3 very excited children. We hadn’t told them we were going to the show, so it wasn’t until our eldest saw and read the Peppa Pig displays that they realised they were in for a treat.

I was a little apprehensive about my youngest two, my twins aren’t two yet and don’t usually sit still for 5 minutes never mind an hour or so.

Well, I shouldn’t of worried, from the moment we took our seats they were mesmerised. Even my 5 year old loved it, he was much older than most of the audience and its definitely for a younger audience but he enjoyed himself nevertheless.

All three children recognised the set as Peppa Pig even before any characters came on stage, the bright colours and music playing got them excited for it to start. My little boy kept shouting ‘Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig!’

The story was about Rosie, the one human character and it was her first day at Peppa’s school. Rosie, Peppa, George and other friends including Suzy Sheep and Pedro Pony rode the school bus, driven by Daddy Pig, to a campsite for a school trip.

Whilst camping, we follow Peppa and her friends through all sorts of adventure and fun, plus lots of music and dance.

Rosie was great at getting the audience involved, getting the children to sing, dance and clap.

Towards the end, my little girl jumped off her seat and was dancing in the aisle. My two boys were swaying and clapping, all three had big smiles on their faces.

My eldest said his favourite part was the scene where Peppa and her friends were supposed to be asleep in their tents. ‘it was hilarious that bit Mum, the best bit’.

A fabulous show for any young Peppa fans! Mummy and Daddy have been singing the ‘Bing Bong’ song all day long!

Peppa Pig’s Adventure is on tour now up and down the country, returning to Manchester in August 2018 at The Lowry. Check out the Peppa Pig Live website for more information on tickets and booking.

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