Wild Cakes – A Cuddly Surprise!

My children were kindly gifted a couple of these new and exciting toys Wild Cakes from Wild Design Ltd and we couldn’t wait to tell you all about them! Isla chose the ‘cake’ that looked like a Strawberry bun and Oscar a Lemon Meringue Pie!

Wild Cakes are the cutest range of soft, plush animals hidden inside scrumptious looking cakes. With 12 adorable animals to collect, choosing your favourite will be as hard as deciding on a sweet treat from a wonderful patisserie!

Wild Cakes look like the most delicious cake, gateau, brownie, roly-poly and fruit tart on the outside. Opening the treat, reveals the wonderful scented aroma of the cakes. But wait, it’s not edible, there is a wonderful surprise hidden inside instead! The aroma of cakes was lovely, Isla smells like strawberries and Oscar’s like lemon.

Transform Wild Cakes from delicious looking pretend cakes into cuddly, gorgeous plush animals by turning them inside out. The kids thought it was brilliant, even their big brother joined in and helped to turn them inside out.

Isla’s Strawberry Bun soon transfomed into Sweet Puff Sarah and Oscar’s Lemon Meringue was actually Wild Lemon William.

There’s 12 adorable Wild Cakes to collect and they are available from Claire’s Accessories and from Smyths.

My two loved them and have been playing with them all day. Isla especially fell in love with them straight away, she does love these type of plush, soft toys with their big eyes and colourful bodies. With her birthday coming up next month, maybe she will get a few more!

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