Review- Crystalina Fairy Dolls


Recently me and Isla took a little trip to our local Tesco Extra and picked up two Crystalina fairy dolls as a back to school treat. When I was asked to pick two and review them on my blog and social media pages I knew Isla would be interested and jumped at the chance.

Crystalina fairy dolls are light-up fairy dolls that combine the empowering energy of crystals with LED lights, bringing together the fun of role play with collectable dolls.

There’s 4 characters to collect al with their own magical properties or auras including Turquoise (Healing), Rose Quartz (Love), Amethyst (Wisdom) and Aventurine (Luck).

In the store, Isla chose Turquoise, the Sprite of Healing and Aventurine, the Sprite of Luck. I was a little surprised when she didn’t go for the pink or purple ones, being her favourite colours, but she said these two were perfect so she could share them with her twin brother- which I thought was really cute.

When we opened the box Isla instantly fell in love with the fairy dolls. Each doll comes with a wearable crystal shaped amulet that passes colourful ‘crystal powers’ in the form of LED light pattens to the doll and back to the amulet. The kids loved this, especially when they realised the amulet can connect with other dolls too!

Both the dolls and amulet wirelessly communicate when you shake them, meaning my two spent ages changing the colours and working out the different patterns back and forth.

On the back of the packaging there’s information all about the character you chose including all about their aura. It talks about crystal powers and choosing the aura that will help you throughout your day. Some of it may have been a little old for Isla to understand when talking about crystal powers, but I loved reading the positive affirmations to her. I told her that the Sprite of Luck helps to be a leader and the Sprite of Healing gives her the confidence to be brave. It think this was lovely and gave her some positive messages about herself whist playing.

The dolls each come with a moon-shaped stand, plus a little hair clip which it’s perfect when displaying them in Isla’s room. She likes to brush their hair and enjoy a little light display each night before bed.

These Crystalina dolls retail at 13.00 and are available now in Tesco.

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