Escape Room The Game

My family and I love a games night. Whether it’s Monopoly with our seven-year-old (his favourite) or cards with grandparents at the caravan, we love to play games. At Christmas time we certainly play more games as our family get together more often. We have been lucky enough to review a couple of games recently which you can find here.

I was sent Escape Room The Game to try out. I have taken part in a few ‘real’ Escape Rooms (including a Harry Potter themed one that was brilliant) and I really enjoyed them, so this game is definitely my kind of game! Me and my husband tested out it out but we can’t wait to play with more friends and family over the Christmas break.

The concept of the game is pretty simple, just like an actual Escape Room, you are ‘locked in’ the game and you need to escape! In this game you have 60 minutes to find the codes needed to escape by solving puzzles and riddles.

Escape Room The Game contains three adventures, all with a different difficulty, each one getting harder. Like a ‘real escape room’ you are only able to play each game once.

There is an app that you can download to add to the fun! You can listen to thematic background music and even share of victory photo on social media once you escape!

Ok, so playing the game!

We played the first game which was a Prison Break theme. Before you do anything you need to read the instructions carefully as once you start the timer there’s no stopping it. We also put batteries in the Chrono Decoder and checked that all the contents, cards and keys were there. Then we were ready to play!

We read the back of the first envelope then pressed the start button. We now had 60 minutes to escape! Each game has three parts, each part needed a code to get to the next part. Together we managed to solve the puzzles and move to each part. Do this for all the parts, enter the keys into the right code before the time runs out and you will escape!

There are also some Hint cards in case you get stuck. Just like in a ‘real escape room’ the game tells you when to use these hints, so if you do get stuck then hopefully it’s not for too long.

We really enjoyed this game (we escaped!). This game is for over 16’s which I can understand why, it is quite difficult. Me and my husband managed to play just fine, but it is suggested that the game works better with more people, between 3 and 5 is best. I can see why and we can’t wait to play the other adventures this Christmas with family!

I was sent this game free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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