So Sand DIY -So Satisfying! Review.

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In between our home school timetable, over the last few months we have tried to get out and about as much as possible but like everyone we’ve been at home more than ever before.

We were recently sent this So Sand DIY Studio and it has been perfect in keeping my three kids happy indoors! That’s a win for me! So Sand DIY Studio allows you to make your own magic sand for the ultimate satisfying sensory experience.

Review- What’s In The Box….


*So Studio to assemble,

*2 in 1 tools to mould and cut,

*3 bags of White Magic Sand,

*3 bags of different colouring powder,

*3 bags of decoration

How To Create Your Magic Sand-

Firstly follow the instructions and assemble the sand studio. This was really easy and quick to do. I did this whilst the kids picked a bag of sand each. Luckily for me, there was 3 bags so they all got one each.

Next the kids stretched out their sand onto a clean surface (instructions say protect your surface but i found it fine on our kitchen table) and folded in the coloured powder and sparkles.

The kids loved making their magic sand and they were very impressed. The sand is very soft and was extremely nice to hold, even I wanted a go!

So Sand Studio-

The studio and cutters themselves kept my three entertained for the whole afternoon! They loved it. They decided to play ‘cafe’ and made pretend food for each other. It’s hard to find something that keeps the attention of all three for them but this did.

Mum’s Thumbs Up– it’s much nicer than slime and easier to clean up than play doh!

Mum’s Thumbs Down– once its built it’s impossible to put the studio back in the box as its too bulky, it now pokes out of the top of the box.

Over all we loved this, well certainly be getting some more So Sand for those rainy days at home.

#sodiyglobal You can buy this set plus much more at all good toys stores and from Amazon.

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