RNCM Young Explorers – Hocus Pocus

I can’t believe that I hadn’t ever heard of the Royal Northern Young Explorers before. The RNCM Young Explorers are a series of concerts throughout the year designed to introduce young people to the magical world of music!

Over the summer (whilst searching for Manchester Bees) me and my family spotted the poster for the Hocus Pocus concert and we were so excited! My husband comes from a musical family and we knew it would be something we’d really enjoy.

Before the concert started, my three children visited ‘Passport Control’ to receive their very own special RNCM Young Explorers Passport. The passport is to be stamped each time they attend one of the concerts, once 6 stamps are collected you’ll receive a certificate and a free family ticket to another event! How amazing!

The concert ‘Hocus Pocus’ was performed by the Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra. This concert was all about magic, witches, sorcerers and of course wizards! So many children came dressed up which was lovely! We saw many wands and wizards hats.

We took our seats and usually I’d be a little apprehensive sat with 2 two year olds in a concert hall, but everyone around was exactly the same. The concert was advertised as ‘relaxed, family friendly’ and it really was!

The audience welcomed conductor Tom Newall onto the stage, although to the children’s delight he was dressed as a wizard! He explained that we were going on a journey through music following stories.

In between each piece of music, the conductor would ask the children in the audience questions, which they loved. He would ask them how the music made them feel, did they recognise the instruments and he even asked a few children onto the stage to conduct! The audience participation was great, keeping the children’s concentration.

The music throughout was very magical, playing pieces I hadn’t heard before, to my favourite pieces from Harry Potter.

There was an interval and all the children got a spooky chocolate treat which I thought was lovely!

The children were welcomed onto the stage at the end to speak with the players and even have a go on some of the instruments! Joshua my eldest headed straight to the Organ, he seemed mesmerised, i think it was it’s size! He also wanted a go on the big drums (or Timpani as I was corrected by my husband!)

The players were very friendly and great with the children. Isla is only two, she decided she want to do a bit on conducting. A lovely Violinist stood in front of her and let her have her moment! It was such a simple thing to do but meant so much to Isla. Her big brother had to get a go too!

We had a fantastic afternoon and we can’t wait to attend another RNCM Young Explorers concert. We’re really looking forward to their Christmas Family Day. Details of this event can be found here.


5 thoughts on “RNCM Young Explorers – Hocus Pocus

  1. It sounds perfect for the kids. I love how family friendly the whole thing is, from the ‘passports’ to the choccy treats!

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  2. Wow this sounds amazing! I love how family friendly it is & how the kids were so involved as well! Wish there was something this like around us 😊

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