Back To The Theatre- ANNA X at The Lowry

Well I can’t believe that last night I actually went to the theatre. It was great to be invited back to The Lowry after such a long time, it’s been a terrible year or so for theatre and it was great to be back. It was press night and opening night for the two-hander tale of ANNA X.

ANNA X is a new play by Joseph Chalton and was directed by Daniel Raggett.

Immersed in an addictive world of front-row fashion shows, private views and endless parties, Anna and Ariel find themselves struggling to keep up with Nee York’s dazzling social elite. How far will two outsiders go to construct the identities they want? And at what price?

ANNA X stars Emma Corrie, Golden Globe Award-winner and from The Crown! (We’re only on season two so not seen her yet) and Nabhaan Rizwan who I recognised from BBC’s Informer.

Photo credit: Helen Murray

Anna and Ariel met late at a New York party. Ariel is tech guy who just made a huge deal on a new dating app he’s been working on. Anna is a curator of art and dreams of making it big in New York. Or does she?

This tale of self-invention, determination and deceit cleverly looks into how ‘fake’ our online lives can be and ultimately ends with a con artist ripping off an entrepreneur.

It was funny, it was dark, it was certainly cool. It was sort of a love story at times, or was it? It showed that it was hard to tell what was fake and what wasn’t. Corrie and Arizona gave excellent performances, at times playing multiple characters with several accents.

ANNA X is on now at The Lowry for one week only, so catch it now before Saturday 14th August. Don’t miss it, definitely worth a watch.

Photo credit: Helen Murray

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