Club Hub UK – The Free and Easy-To-Use Website For Busy Parents

Parents never stop, we’re constantly busy. Nevermind the washing and cooking or even the taxiing around we do, I feel like I’m always online searching for things! Whether it’s car insurance, cheaper gas bills or even birthday gift ideas, why is nothing ever simple?

Well, looking for kids clubs has never been easier with Club Hub UK! Have you tried searching for kids clubs only to feel like your getting nowhere? Whether your not sure what activity your child is looking for or your not sure what’s on in your local area, then Club Hub UK is for you!

Club Hub UK is a free website and app designed to help busy parents and save time when looking for clubs for their kids.

Club Hub helps parents find clubs that interest their children and help club owners, fill empty spaces!

Club Hub UK was launched by Tessa Robinson after starting her own children’s drama group in 2014, only to find there were no free options to advertise locally.

I decided to try the website out for myself using my phone. I was testing for how user-friendly the website was, the ease of finding local clubs and the overall look of the site.

As you can see, the website is user-friendly, this screenshot is the mobile view of the home page. Straight away you are taken to a quick search tool where only a few details are needed to quickly get started. I input my postcode, the age of my child and their interests. Instantly I had access to lots of local club and classes.

I had a look at one of the classes listed (I chose a class I visit weekly with my children). All the information was correct, there are class listings with a description plus times of the sessions and even a map.

The website and app (which can be downloaded from Itunes and Google Play) are both extremely user-friendly which is definitely a must for me when searching online. There’s nothing worse than a website that doesn’t load properly. It’s also bright and colourful with easy to read instructions and buttons, I definitely can’t fault the website.

The greatest thing about Club Hub UK was once you have found an activity you can contact the club owner with a click of a button to make enquiries and even book sessions. No need to write down telephone numbers or search the web for addresses, parents are able to contact the club owners directly through Club Hub UK saving them precious time and energy!

Club owners are also able to add their local clubs and classes to the directory, over 15K kids clubs are now registered!

Next time I am looking for a kids club for one of my children, I will know where to look…….

*This is a sponsored post however all words are my own.

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