Elf Adventure Challenge at The Ice Cream Farm

We have been to a couple of events held by Wonder Adventures including the Dino Disco Challenge and the Hocus Pocus School of Wizardry. These events are always so much fun, the interactive hour-long sessions are perfect for the whole family to enjoy and get involved in!

I was so excited to surprise the kids this weekend as we headed to the Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire. We had been lucky enough to be invited to check out the Elf Adventure Challenge thanks to Wonder Adventures. Apart from my eldest, none of us had been to the Ice Cream Farm before, look out for my post about our day.
Once we were inside the farm, we headed to where the Elf Adventure Challenge was taken place and was greeted by Santa’s elves Baubles and GlittlerBella.
Our first thought was how magical the tent/teepee looked inside, the kids even said ‘wow’! Christmas lights, decorations, and festive music definitely got us in the Christmas mood!

We all sat down and the kids were welcomed by Pumpaa Elf and Sprout at the North Pole. They explained that after the challenge, all the children would be honorary elves that could be called upon by Father Christmas at any time!
The hour was full of fun games! We sang songs and learnt the elf march. We started with a game that involved building a toy because Santa’s elves need to know how to build toys. We were each given a box and we had to work together as a family in a team!

We worked fast and together and we soon had our robot built! It was lots of fun, it was nice doing something we could all join in with.

Another game included learning how to wrap presents where we had to follow instructions to build a tower of presents in the correct order, before elf Bauble knocked them down!

Probably our favourite game was when we had to fill the ‘energy pots’ with snowballs to help make Santa’s sleigh fly! The kids and I had to throw snowballs towards Daddy, who had to try and catch the snowballs in the bucket. It was lot’s of fun, full of energy, but the best part was when it ended up in a mass snowball fight!

Towards the end of the session, the kids helped find all the things needed for an extra special Christmas Eve, one of the elves had misplaced the items! We had to work as a team to find the items that the elves had lost and place them on a Christmas plate, ready for Santa.

We even enjoyed a virtual reality sleigh ride with plenty of music and even bubbles, it made the experince so magical and the children, especially my younger two loved it!

We had a lovely time, there was something for the whole family and we all thought it was fab! It really got us into the festive spirit. At the end of the session, the children all graduated as honorary elves, they were given certificates and a lovely storybook.

Finally, before we left, there was an opportunity for photos with Baules and GlittlerBella Elf, although my toddler twins decided they were too shy!

If you’re looking for something Christmassy to do, that’s a little bit different, very magical and energetic, then check out the Elf Adventure Challenge now!

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