Learn To Swim! Brand New Centre In Oldham

A brand new swimming facility has recently opened in Oldham called swim! There’s already a centre in Warrington and swim! offers a new way for your child to experience swimming lessons.

Over the next few months, Out and About Mummy will be working with swim! and I can’t wait for you to follow our journey. Firstly let me tell you a bit more about swim! and the new centre right here in Oldham.

‘Olympic medallist and BBC Broadcaster Steve Parry, one of the biggest names in British swimming, is behind the creation of swim! which aims to be the best learn to swim experience in the country.’

Through fun and engaging lessons from the most experienced swimming coaches, swim! offers a unique experience for 3-11 year olds. There’s 8 skill levels and an award scheme to celebrate each child’s success. Swim! lessons have class sizes of just 6 children (5 at the moment due to COVID procedures), which is great!

Swim! also offers all children a free intro session to place them into the correct group for their ability and make them feel comfortable before you sign up to the programme. Plus, the Oldham centre is also offering free swimming throughout the whole of August for the first 500 customers (limited spaces available). Find out more here.

Last weekend, my 4 year old twins had their free intro session and have since then had their first ever proper lesson! Here’s how it went and what we thought of the new centre-

Before my two even got in the pool I was massively impressed with centre, the environment and the staff. All the staff were extremely friendly. The building was fantastic, very clean and modern plus so bright and colourful! My children loved it. As we entered the building from the large car park, we were greeted and asked to sanitise our hands. My children were given a swim! cap and asked to collect some arm discs.

We walked into the changing rooms which were spacious and bright. There were plenty of clear social distancing measures that had been put in place in order to manage customer flow, including stickers on the floor. Everything was highly organised and efficient, there was plenty of staff making sure parents are spaced out whilst waiting for their children.

On both occasions, I was so impressed with how easily Oscar and Isla left my side and got into the pool with the instructor. Apart from on holiday and a few times with Grandparents, Oscar and Isla haven’t been in a swimming pool many times and I’m usually with them. It’s so hard to try and take twins swimming especially when I also have an older child too.

The lessons themselves look like so much fun! I don’t think Oscar and Isla thought they’re having a lesson, just having fun. In the last lesson they had to try and collect the balls in the middle of the pool and Oscar especially enjoyed this. I have noticed that Isla is a little wary of the water and does seem to cling to the instructor or the side of the pool. It will be interesting to see her progress and confidence grow over the next few months.

I am lucky enough to be working with swim! over the next few months. Oscar and Isla have been gifted these swimming lessons in return for an honest review.