Little Forest Farmers Nursery at Cockfields Farm

Whilst visiting Cockfields Farm today, I had a look around their brand new outdoor nursery for children aged 3-5, Little Forest Farmers Nursery. The new forest nursery is set within the grounds of Cockfields Farm and provides children with an outdoor, nature-based curriculum.

My children love being outdoors and there’s lots of research out there about the benefits of outdoor learning. Little Forest Farmers Nursery says it will enable children to connect with nature, develop skills and get them ready for their next step.

The nursery opened this September, can provide outdoor childcare for up to 30 child and offers funded places. For more information you can email

I recently had a look around the new site and I was really impressed! The site looks amazing. There was a fab building that has been built for the nursery students. It really was lovely to look at. Inside was a cosy ‘living room’ which will be heated, providing a brilliant shelter.

There’s a seating area in the middle of the site, where the children will meet for registration. There’s also a fire pit, sand areas, a large mud kitchen and a very cool water area for role play. There was also a mixture of pots and pans, my two soon started banging and making music immediately!

There was also a ‘Tinker Shed’ filled with lots of interesting things, from nuts and bolts to old phones and keyboards. There was also space for art supplies and other learning materials.

It really did look like a fantastic space! At the moment, Little Forest Farmers Nursery are offering Toddler Stay and Play Sessions. Check out their Facebook page for updates on their next sessions. I’ve planning on taking my 3 year old twins to check out the nursery in action.

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