Making Christmas Magical with these Personalised Touches….

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. Well almost! Especially if you have children, and the run up to Christmas is amazing.

I love the magical touches especially on Christmas eve! We like to sprinkle Reindeer dust and always leave some milk for Father Christmas.

Here’s a couple of things we’re doing this year to make Christmas even more magical….

Lapland Mailroom

Lapland Mailroom lets you personalise a letter from Father Christmas that gets delivered straight to your door! Joshua is always very excited if he ever gets post, he will be absolutely over the moon to receive a letter from Father Christmas himself!

Obviously it’s too early to receive our letters just yet! Father Christmas doesn’t write and post them until nearer the big day, but I can’t wait to share then with you so keep an eye out!

Hey Santa

I love these unique personalised door plaques from Hey Santa! These lovely items are fab for Christmas Eve to let Santa know who sleeps where!

My three have one each, I will be popping them in their Christmas Eve boxes.

Portable Northpole

This is a fab idea, the Portable Northpole website and app let’s you create personalised festive videos for your children. They can even get messages from Father Christmas!

There’s even a chance to record your child’s reaction! We’ve been lucky enough to be gifted a Magic Pass so we can’t wait to check it out soon!

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