My Interview with Kelvin Fletcher and Holly Tandy – The Wizard Of Oz Comes To Blackpool

This Christmas, audiences in the North can join Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher (Tin Man) and X-Factor Sensation Holly Tandy (Dorothy) down the yellow brick road to the Emerald City for an unforgettable adventure!

When a tornado whisks away a young Kansas farm girl, Dorothy, and her dog, Toto, to the merry old land of Oz, they learn that the only way to get back home is to ask for help from a great and powerful Wizard. Whilst on their quest they stumble across a Scarecrow – who is in need of a brain, a Tin Man – who so desperately wants a heart, and a Lion (Radio Wave’s Scott Gallagher) – who could really do with some courage. Together they begin a magical journey as they head off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.
This production of the Wizard of Oz from Selladoor Family (producers of Madagascar, Seussical, Peter Pan) features a timeless and instantly recognisable score, with classics such as We’re Off To See The Wizard, Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead!, If I Only Had A Brain and Over The Rainbow.

Tickets are on sale now here, this musical is running in Blackpool from the 7th – 30th December.

I recently had a chat with the stars of the panto, Kelvin Fletcher and Holly Tandy, here’s what happened:

So your playing the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz in Blackpool, are you excited?
I’m really excited. The Wizard of Oz is something that everyone knows, it’s on every Christmas.
This is your first musical theatre role, what were the biggest challenges you have faced?
I’d say that I am a well rounded actor so there hasn’t been too many challenges. The singing and the dancing is a new challenge I suppose but it’s all been good!
What can audiences in Blackpool expect from the show?
A terrific show! The Wizard of Oz definitely has all the ingredients to be amazing. The set and the stage is big, really grand! It’s going to be amazing!
Do you have a favourite moment in the show?
Yeah, I’d say the number ‘Merry Old Land Of Oz’. When the whole cast are on stage together singing, it really captures the innocence and joy of the story.
Your character, the Tin Man asks the Wizard for a heart. If you were to ever meet a Wizard, what would you ask for?
Oh, well I’ve got everything I need haha. I would probably ask the wizard to make sure opening night goes well! Which I’ve sure it will, I can’t wait.
If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?
Definitely the Prime Minister for a day! To find out what they actually do and all those secrets!
You were in Emmerdale for such a long part of your life, do you miss it? and do you think Andy will ever make a comeback?
I don’t know. We’ll see. I miss the guys I worked with at Emmerdale but I watch it now as a viewer. I’m at a different chapter in my life and I love that.

So your playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz in Blackpool, are you excited?
I’m super excited! It’s such a great role with so many iconic scenes. I’m really happy to be playing Dorothy.
How are you feeling about the show as it’s your first musical theatre role?
I do have feelings of nerves but I think that’s a good pressure to have. I’ve been working hard to make sure I get the role right but I’ve been enjoying all of it! I’ve made new friends and new skills.
Are you looking forward to working on stage with Toto, a dog? Do you like dogs?
Yeah really excited, I love dogs, I have two dogs myself. I have great faith in the dogs, it will be great for the audiences, much more realistic!
What can audiences in Blackpool expect from the show?
A really clever take on the original film and play but still being true to the story. The dance and music is very advanced. I hope the audience see the show as fun, full of emotion but light-hearted, They should be able to sing-a-long too!
Do you have a favourite moment in the show?
Yes, when I (Dorothy) kill the witch! It’s such a funny scene and we really get into character.
If you could ‘click your heels three times’ and wish to be transported anywhere in the world, where would you go?
The Maldives, definitely! It looks amazing!
If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?
The Queen! I would really naughty in the palace but get away with everything! I’d swear on TV, I’m sure that would make some interesting headlines! haha.
What character in a movie, book, film or play would you most like to play?
My favourite book as a child was the BFG so if that was ever made into a play I’d love to be in that, I’m not sure how I’d play the giant though? It would be fabulous and so cool.
Obviously you were a semi-finalist in the X Factor, so I must ask what was the overall experience of the X Factor like?
Overall it was fantastic. I developed new skills and met so many amazing people. The experience taught me about the music industry, it gave me a platform and the right foundations and I’m so grateful as I’m now doing what I love as a job.
What’s Simon Cowell really like?
He’s a nice man. Really short, but nice!
How much contact did you have with your mentor, Sharon Osbourne?
Sharon was very involved. She was really keen, such a lovely lady.


Tickets are on sale now here, the show is running in Blackpool from the 7th – 30th December.

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