Our North Pole Adventure at Cockfields Farm 2021

It’s almost that time of year again which can only mean one thing! Our family trip to the Christmas Experience at Cockfields Farm. Since Oscar and Isla were born (they’re 5 years-old now) we have come to Cockfields each year to see Father Christmas and it’s now a family tradition. Each year we are so impressed and the experience just gets better and better!

We arrived at Cockfields in our Christmas jumpers and festive dresses! We were really going to get into the Christmas spirit. We were welcomed by plenty of friendly elves who asked us to walk through the Naughty or Nice detector! Luckily we were all Nice apart from Daddy! The elves let him off after he gave his best Father Christmas impression. On arrival each child received a passport where they can collect stickers along their journey through the North Pole farm. We were soon off and away to make the special trip to see Father Christmas. 

The first stop was to see the Big Man himself! Another one of Santa’s elves led the way down a sparkly corridor until we got to Father Christmas’s door! The kids knocked on his door as the elf told them to- just to check he was awake! We could tell that this was the REAL Father Christmas, with his special Christmas suit and his real beard! Father Christmas chatted with us for quite a while, we didn’t feel rushed at all and he spent time talking to each child. It was an extremely wonderful experience to watch, all three of my children happily sat with Father Christmas for a photo capturing the special memory forever. Father Christmas then gave them all an extra special gold coin to spend in his North Pole Toy Shop! We waved goodbye, said Merry Christmas then left to head into the toy shop.

Well the kids thought it was fab! So many toys, so much choice and all for one gold coin! They didn’t need to ask about price or if they had enough, big toys were worth the one gold coin from Father Christmas or you could get 4 small things instead. There was a wide range of toys to suit all ages. The boys took their time choosing, Joshua picked a Laser Blocks Galactic Spaceship and Oscar a turbo stunt car set. Isla went straight to the soft cuddly toys and picked a very cute guinea pig.

We exchanged the coins for the toys and got the chance to see the photo of us with Father Christmas, which we purchased a copy in a little photobook. Next we headed to the sweet shop much to the kids delight.

We braved the elements (it had been snowing when we woke that morning) and the kids ran to the carousel. Whilst they enjoyed the carousel which is included in the ticket price, I exchanged the Elf Bucks us parents got for two Deluxe Hot Chocolate complete with cream and marshmallows. Delicious! I got the kids a hot chocolate too so they could warm their fingers and tummies and we went to watch the Reindeer show.

The show was brilliant, reindeers Flurry and Rudy delighted the children and adults a like. We sang and danced and at the end the children all graduated flying school and even received a certificate.

No trip to see Father Christmas is complete without seeing some real Reindeer. In the animal barn we said hello to Dancer and Prancer and even got the chance to make some reindeer dusk to sprinkle on Christmas Eve.

We headed to the cuddle corner to see the bunny’s and guinea pigs, which is always a favourite with my kids when we come to the farm. The loads of animals to see and a friendly elf even has a few animals out of their hutch so you can have a cuddle!

Last at certainly not least, we visited the Elves workshop where we were visited by some very friendly. The kids were asked to choose a soft toy (there was plenty of choice), and to also collect some stuffing and a coloured heart. Together with one of Father Christmas’s elves, the kids started to fill their chosen soft toy with stuffing. They made a wish and placed the heart inside their new friend. It was lovely. At the end, the elf performs a cuddle test with each teddy and hands out the bears birth cerificates.

We had the most magical of mornings and it was the perfect start to our Christmas.

Check out Cockfields Farm via their website and Facebook Page for more information and for information on their Toddler Sessions too. My family and I were invited along to this session in return of an honest review, all our views are our own.

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