Pumpkin festival 2020 at cockfields farm park

Find your perfect pumpkin this year at Cockfields Farm in their Haunted Pumpkin Patch, take plenty of photos in the pumpkin village plus have all the fun of the farm too!

We’ve visited Cockfields Pumpkin Festival for the past few years now and each year it just gets better and better! We’re certainly never disappointed when we visit, and this year seemed extra special as it’s been such a tough year. It’s great to still be able to visit one of our favourite places. Cockfields Farm Park have made themselves a Covid-secure venue, check out our review when they reopened after lockdown.

The Pumpkin Festival at Cockfields Farm Park is on now until 31st October. Due to Covid-19 there is reduced capacity, so it is expected to sell out. Online booking is essential. We were very excited about heading down to the farm on the opening weekend to pick our pumpkins!

We arrived nice and early (the kids never want to leave and we love making a whole day out of our trips so we were there for when it opens) and headed straight to the pumpkin patch first. There were plenty of wheelbarrows so my three had one each and headed out to search for that perfect pumpkin! On arrival we were given tickets for the pumpkin patch, a timetable for the animal handling plus information about the Halloween hunt, there’s even a prize at the end!

We also took some time to wander around the pumpkin village which was super cute and a lovely addition to other years. Pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colours were dotted around the field, all laid out for your family to get some perfect family photos! We had lots of fun whilst the kids posed a little and, also just explored, it gave me an opportunity to play with the settings on my phone and get some awesome photos. I got some gorgeous pics, this was certainly my favourite part.

Once the kids had had enough of mummy shouting ‘Say Pumpkin’, we pushed our wheelbarrows and our chosen pumpkins over to the outdoor pumpkin carving area. Usually daddy helps us with this part but we’d left him at home gardening, so it was up to me! Luckily now the kids are a little bit older they loved carving. They drew their own faces on the pumpkins and even managed to do a lot of the carving themselves. It was mummy’s job to get rid of the seeds though, not that I minded really! Little tip if you’re visiting late October, bring gloves for your little ones. We were fine this year as it’s still quite warm, but previous years we’ve visited at the end of October and the pumpkins we’re very cold to touch. Nothing worse than little ones moaning about cold hands!

I nipped back to the car with the pumpkins before heading to feed the animals. My three always love feeding the animals especially the goats! There’s also sheep, reindeer, cows, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs and much more in the animal barn plus the reptile house. We popped in and out of the animal barn throughout our day. Every 30 minutes there’s different animals that you can get up close with including bunnies, bearded dragons and, tortoises! Every family get their own space and time with the animals which keeps everyone safe.

Anyone who has followed Out and About Mummy for a while will know that we love a trail! During the day, we kept a look out for Halloween characters and letters that were hiding around the farm. The letters spelt out the name of the ghost that haunts Cockfields Farm! Joshua, my eldest, enjoyed spotting them and filling out the letters.

We brought a picnic for lunch. There’s plenty of picnic benches outside and even some indoors. The café is also great, perfect for hot and cold food and drinks. I decided on a picnic and then an ice cream treat later in the day. After lunch, the kids wanted to explore the rest of the farm which meant riding the carousel (over and over again), bouncing on the jumping pillow, playing on the beach and going on the swings. We then headed to the café where the kids each had an ice cream and I enjoyed a brew and a cake. Whilst relaxing in the café, the kids decided they wanted to walk around the pumpkin village again, cuddle the bunnies and see the goats one more time.

Cockfields Farm Park is such a good family day out. We arrived at 10am, I dragged the kids away at 4pm when they were closing. My three love spending the last half an hour running from the jumping pillow and the carousel, this always seems like the quietest time of day (although with reduced capacity I doubt it would ever feel that busy which is great). As we were leaving, we gave our answer to the Halloween hunt to the staff who then let my three each choose a prize.

Whether you’re brand new to the farm or have visited many times like us, you couldn’t be disappointed with the Pumpkin Festival. We had a brilliant day! For more information and to book check Cockfields website.

Our trip was gifted in return for an honest review.