RugbyTots Oldham and Tameside

Out and About Mummy (and family of course) was invited to come and visit RugbyTots this weekend and we had such a fab morning!

RugbyTots offer mixed sessions for girls and boys aged between 2 and 7, at Westhill School on a Saturday morning and Hathershaw College Sunday mornings. For more information on the classes, prices, timetable and even booking a free taster session, visit the RugbyTots Oldham and Tameside Facebook page now.

We headed to Hathershaw College in Oldham on Sunday morning and my three children couldn’t wait to get started.

Joshua, my eldest sat and watched for the first session as it was for younger children. I came armed with the ipad, but he enjoyed watching his younger siblings and he couldn’t wait for his turn.

Nicola, the RugbyTots coach, was very friendly and gave us a lovely welcome. She gave all the children a high five and asked them to grab a ball and take a seat with her.

In the first session, the children were given softer rugby balls which was great for little ones. Parents were also actively involved in the session. I’m glad grandma came with us, so each of my twins had a grown up to play with them.

Nicola started with telling the children about the 4 important things we need to remember whilst we play. I’ve just asked my eldest if he can remember the 4 things, he said

‘we need our tiger claws to hold the ball tightly, our owl eyes to watch what’s going on, our big wiggly elephant ears to listen to instructions and super fast cheetah feet so I can run really fast!’

Throughout the RugbyTots session we played a series of games that are lots of fun but are also designed to improve your child’s balance, discipline, coordination, number and shape recognition, teamwork (to name a few!)

I was really impressed with how well my two listened and followed the instructions. They only recently turned two but both did really well with the games and with understanding simple instructions.

My two loved pretending to be a racing car, running around and trying not to be caught by mummy or grandma! Then it was the grown-ups turn to be caught, which was lots of fun and the little ones thought was very funny.

Towards the end of the session, Nicola set up an obstacle course where the children needed to balance and jump. They had lots of fun!

Towards the end of the session, the children all sat in a circle with a parachute trying to get the balls off which all the young children loved. Especially when they could all hide under it!

The next session for the older children started the same way however the children had harder rugby balls. Some of the games were similar but there was much more catching and throwing and kicking involved.

The session kept my sons attention until the end, he seemed to really enjoy it, listening and following the instructions very well. His competitive side seem to come out, wanting to run the fastest or kick the furthest.

Overall we had a great morning and all three of them loved it. Nicola did mention that there could be future plans of a midweek session which would be fantastic for us! So we’ll be keeping a look out for that.

Here’s a couple more photos of our morning….. Don’t forget to check out the RugbyTots Oldham and Tameside Facebook page for more information.

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