Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Review and Giveaway

When I was asked would we like to check out Uncle Bubble and The Mega Loop I had to say yes, all kids love bubbles don’t they?

The Mega Loop kit comes with everything you need to make a giant bubble, a bubble big enough to fit a person in! The kids loved this idea and were desperate to try it out for ourselves.

I was sent this video, have a look at how amazing The Mega Loop is:

We waited for a nice day to have a go for ourselves.

The kit was pretty simple to put together and the instructions were easy enough to follow. Everything you needed was the kit including the Uncle Bubble Super Concentrate Formula.

Included was:

1x Uncle Bubble concentrate formula

1x Inflatable dipping tray

1x Mega Loop (needs some simple assembly)

It did take some practice and you must follow the instructions on mixing the solution but after a few goes, we did manage some amazing big bubbles and even had the kids inside a bubble!

Even though we chose a nice day, it was a little windy and this made it virtually impossible to get the full effect as the bubbles kept popping before we could try to take the loop over a second person.

However, the kids thought it was fantastic and we can’t wait to try it out again. We will definitely be practising our skills and next time we may even try it indoors to stop the issue with the wind.

You can find out more information about the Mega Loop and buy one for yourself here or try to win one below!

Do you and your family fancy the chance to win your very own Uncle Bubble Mega Loop? Enter below by following the link:

Win The Uncle Bubble Mega Loop Tool #12

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