What Out & About Mummy Thinks About WeParent

WeParent invited Out and About Mummy to have a look at their brand new website and try out some of their modules. But first of all, let’s look at who and what WeParent is?

‘WeParent is your guide to the mid-childhood years, the most important years of your child’s development. Whether you’re facing a particular problem, or looking to get ahead on your child’s development, our team of psychologist share their expertise through fun, interactive and tailored strategies you can apply at home.’

With over 40 years experience if working with parents and children, WeParent’s psychologists have designed a simple and fun way to teach your children all about their emotional development, from the comfort of your own home via the Internet.

We all know parenting can be frustrating as we always seem to be second guessing ourselves as we look around for the best approach for our child. WeParent want to take those frustrations away, and replace them with proven strategies that work!

I have started working through some of the modules and have found them extremely helpful and useful. I’ve been reading through Sibling Rivalry and sharing, also Emotions which I found very interesting.

The modules give you step by step approaches to situations that parents will face day by day, for example issues with sharing. There are fun facts to read, strategies to solve the issues and even activities to try at home with your children so you can put the plan into action.

Already from working through a few modules, I am going to try to reward behaviour when my children share rather than punish when they don’t share. I’m also very interested in the Emotions module and I am going to work through that one fully next. I’ve never really thought about children and stress, something that this program highlights.

June Update-

Since working through the modules I have seen an improvement when it comes to sibling rivalry. Changing how I acted has helped massively, so rewarded when they’ve shared has a bigger impact than punishing when they haven’t.

I still need to work through the emotions category, I’m having a tough time at the moment with my 5 year old and need to figure out with category would help us the most.

*There’s a brand new category on Bullying, including a module on Preventing Bullying. From looking at the website, I can see that this will be a popular category with parents, it’s such a big topic and something that unfortunately affects a lot of children. Keep a look out as this is the first of four in their series on Bullying.

Have a look at their website now for yourself. Let us know what you think, I will be updating regularly as I work through the modules.

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