ZURU Party Bag Bundle and *GIVEAWAY*

My three were once again thrilled to discover another package from ZURU toys! Check out our recent review of the brand new 5 SURPRISE and Rainbocorn now!

This time we were sent a ZURU Party Bag Bundle, filled with the best things to get in a kids party bag!

Best of all, I have a Party Bag Bundle that needs to be won! Read on to find out how YOU could win!

The kids couldn’t wait to get started and really enjoyed checking out what was in the bag, we got:

A ZURU bag, a paper party hat, a paper horn, 1x 5 SURPRISE series 2 blue, 1x 5 SURPRISE series 2 purple, 1x Tangle and 1x Cotton Candy Cuties

Joshua couldn’t wait to open the 5 SURPRISE, he hasn’t stopped talking about them since the last ones that we were sent!

Unwrapping the capsule then each segment is definitely all part of the fun with the 5 SURPRISE! My other two children happily sat back and watched him open all 5 segments, excitedly waiting to see what he got!

Each 5 SURPRISE contains two small and three large segments, each with an exciting toy inside. From sparkly sequins, funky stationery and cute unicorns, the new range contains over 200 new toys to collect, including new figurines and rare, high-value chaser toys!

Oscar got his hands on the Tangle fidget toy next, all three of them loved this toy. We were sent a pink animal print toy. The Tangle toy can easily be twisted and tangled, taken apart and connected to other Tangle toys! The possibilities are endless!

Isla couldn’t wait to open the Cotton Candy Cutie! We had no idea what it was as we hadn’t heard of them before but just from looking at the toy she was excited! It was so brightly coloured and looked like a giant toy lollypop. On the side, there were some extremely cute characters that Isla loved from the minute she saw them!

She wanted to open it herself, with no help from anyone! So we all sat back and watched. The Cotton Cutie is the newest must-have from Oosh!

Inside the container it is filled with fluffy slime (ours smells like bubblegum!) and it didn’t feel like ‘normal’slime! It wasn’t sticky or wet, it was squishy and soft. The kids (and I) loved it!

Hidden inside the slime was a Cutie and it was really cute! Isla got Cupcake and it’s so sweet!

The Cotton Candy Cutie is definitely something we would buy again, there’s 4 colours and scents to collect.


Do You Fancy Getting Your Hands On A ZURU Party Bag Bundles?

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is to comment here with who you hope to win these fab toys for! Don’t forget to tag your friends so they can enter!

Ts & Cs:

  • no cash alternative,
  • a winner will be chosen at random,
  • closing date Saturday 23rd March at 4pm,
  • the winners details will be passed to ZURU,
  • prizes will be processed within 1 month of ZURU receiving the winners details.


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