Celebrating Seven Years of Marriage With A Weekend Away Without The Kids.

We are extremely lucky and grateful that our family are happy to help look after the kids whilst we went away for the weekend to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.

It takes a lot of planning having a weekend away without the kids, probably about the same amount of planning as if we had brought them with us. From making sure people have the correct car seats, to packing the kids bags with enough clothes, nappies and their favourite teddies. We dropped off precooked food for their meals to make it as easy as we could for family.

7 years ago, before any children, we got married in Marsden not too far out of Saddleworth. Our honeymoon wasn’t for a few months, so the day after our wedding we heading to the Lake District to enjoy a couple of days alone.

The Lakes has become a favourite place to visit for us now, as a couple and as a family so it seemed a perfect place for our wedding anniversary.

We opted for luxury and decided to book the 5* hotel in Windermere Applegarth Villa and restaurant. It’s a gorgeous hotel with fantastic views and close to Windermere and Bowness. Our room was beautifully decorated and immaculate, the food was amazing and everyone was extremely friendly.

We strolled into Bowness and enjoyed a light lunch at Monties’ cafe, just as we did 7 years ago. We usually have to plan where to eat, making sure the pram will fit and is it child friendly. It was nice to be able to go wherever we wanted. On the walk back to our hotel, we even stopped at The Pig for a cocktail and it wasn’t even 5pm!

Back in our room, we were able to relax and get ready for dinner. I treated myself to a hot bath and a glass of prosecco without little ones following me into the bathroom haha.

As we came down for dinner, we enjoyed canapés and more prosecco whilst we looked over the menu. What a fabulous treat. I enjoyed my favourite starter of scallops with black pudding and for main chicken with blue cheese sauce. Amazing.

The following day we enjoyed a full English breakfast and headed to Grizedale Forest. We enjoy being outdoors as a family, but we were looking forward to a walk without a big double pram! We chose a route to follow and even enjoyed a picnic at the top of Carren Crag. The views were amazing.

Before we left the Applegarth, we had a tour of their new luxury suites with hot tubs! Oh wow! We are hoping to return in the future and will definitely be wanting one of their suites. Beautiful decor and the latest modern technology, the absolute definition of luxury.

I missed my 3 children when we were away of course but it was great to get away for a few days and enjoy a break. It was lovely to just relax the 2 of us, we have a busy lifestyle with 3 children and work plus everything else in between. It was a lovely opportunity to just chill out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

We now counting down the days until the caravan season starts again for many weekends away as a family of 5.

Happy Seventh Wedding Anniversary to us!

11 thoughts on “Celebrating Seven Years of Marriage With A Weekend Away Without The Kids.

  1. Happy Anniversary – sounds like you a lovely time. Love the Lakes but haven’t been since having kids.
    My husband and I had a weekend away on our own two years ago to celebrate 20 years together- we only had one little boy then but now have a 3 month old as well. It was great to get away and I will certainly look forward to when we are able to do it again even if that won’t be for another 2 years! It will make it even more special . Love reading your posts btw – makes me want to be a bit more adventurous- hoping to get out more with baby once good weather arrives!

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    1. Thank you, we really did, it was lovely to have sometime to ourselves.
      We love to visit the Lakes as a family too!
      Oh thanks for your lovely comments, I’m glad your enjoying ready my posts x


  2. Aw, happy anniversary!! Sounds like you had a lovely time away. I’ve never been to the Lake District before but I’m staying in one of the suites at Applegarth next month. Your photo of the food looks amazing! Can’t wait xx

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