The ‘Secret’ Garden of Heysham

With lockdown restrictions starting to be lifted, last weekend we headed to the coast to stay at our family caravan for the weekend. After months of not being able to go, it felt fabulous to be out and about. As you may already know, our caravan is close to Morecambe, in a village called Bolton-Le-Sands.Continue reading “The ‘Secret’ Garden of Heysham”

Easy and Fun Spring Craft Ideas

I been looking for some easy crafts to do with the kids whilst we’re at home more than we’ve ever been before. These few I’m posting below are perfect for any age, especially with younger children with less attention spans. None of these activities take long to set up and are super easy for allContinue reading “Easy and Fun Spring Craft Ideas”

Bittersweet Birthdays: Twins Turning Four-Years-Old.

When my eldest turned four it was such an exciting time. He was super excited to be starting school just a few months later, he was so ready and he couldn’t wait. My twins at the time of his 4th birthday were newborns, less than six months old, so Joshua starting school eased a littleContinue reading “Bittersweet Birthdays: Twins Turning Four-Years-Old.”

Mummy’s Scrapbook with Design Bundles

SPONSORED POST I don’t know about you, but I seem to have boxes and boxes in the loft that are filled and overflowing with photographs, old cards from birthdays and special occasions and tones and tones of my children’s art work. It’s all just sitting there waiting for me to do something with, but what?Continue reading “Mummy’s Scrapbook with Design Bundles”

Why I’m Getting Involved With The ‘Get Kids Reading’ Campaign.

My eldest loves to read, he always has. He enjoys to read his school books with me or his dad in the evenings, he enjoys reading to himself in bed. Some of his favourites include the David Walliams’ books, the first few books of Harry Potter and all the Captain Underpants series. He reads forContinue reading “Why I’m Getting Involved With The ‘Get Kids Reading’ Campaign.”

Help Your Child Be School Ready With These Simple Tips

I’m not talking about being school ready academically! Whether your child can write their name or not when they start reception isn’t that important, well I don’t think so anyway. You hear the term ‘school readiness’ a lot these days, but i’m talking about what things us parents can do to help the transition intoContinue reading “Help Your Child Be School Ready With These Simple Tips”

A Day At The Beach In The December – Southport Beach

Taking a trip to the beach during the Christmas holidays isn’t probably on everyone’s to do list. When you think of the beach, you think sun, sand and ice cream! But we love being by the sea, whatever the weather, a trip to the beach with children can be a perfect cheap, if not freeContinue reading “A Day At The Beach In The December – Southport Beach”