A Great May Day Out At Speke Hall

Well, we definitely picked a brilliant sunny bank holiday weekend to visit Speke Hall. We headed there to see the bluebells and play in the maze but we wanted to enjoy the May day activities.

As National Trust members it didn’t cost us anything to park or enter Speke Hall. We arrived for 10.30am for when it opened as we know how busy it can be, especially on a gorgeous bank holiday weekend!

My son couldn’t wait to get to the maze! We met up with his grandparents and headed straight for the maze. The maze at Speke Hall is full of winding paths separated by tall conifer trees, steps and bridges. The kids loved running round it and hiding. They would have happily stayed in the maze all day!

We managed to finally get them out of the maze and we headed to the giants forest. At the entrance was a huge book, my eldest read out the rhyme and was excited to delve into the forest to find what was hiding inside.

We all walked along the path of the forest, finding the giants large buttons and bows in the trees. We also came across the giants very large shoes and even found his house. We did have to tip toe past his house as we could hear the giant snoring, he was fast asleep!

We snuck passed his house and his huge chair and into his vegetable garden where the kids played on the courgette drums and other musical instruments!

The kids next explored the woodland play area, full of wooden climbing blocks, wobbly bridges and a zip wire. The area is also full of very large sticks and branches so you can join in with some den building. We left the play area and headed to the lawn for our picnic. Joshua had been collecting different items on our walk through the woods and decided to make a Journey Stick. He found some magnolia petals on the ground, a few leaves and a dandelion.

The gardens are Speke Hall are surrounded by beautiful flowers, my little girl was really taken by the azalea bush with its bright red flowers. We passed it on the way to have a walk in the bluebell wood.

We took a lovely stroll through the bluebell Wood. To be honest, I think due to the nice weather we’ve had recently, they are actually coming to end of their flowering season. So if your hoping to get to Speke Hall to see the bluebells, I’d get there soon.

Before we left we went to check out the May Day activities that were on this weekend at Speke Hall. There was different Tudor market stalls selling a mixture of food, drink and jewelry. There was lots of people in tradition medieval costume, Tudor dancing, Morris dancers and even performances re-enacting historic battles. My children enjoyed the jousting! They each grabbed a hobby horse and galloped up and down the lawn. There were ‘jousting poles’ in the form of swimming woggles and even coconut shells to make the noise of a horse trotting!

We had a fab day! I hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday weekend too!

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