Back To School 2018- Best Buys and Tips

Back To School Best Bargain Buys And Tips!

I’ve been having a look on the high street for school uniform including the best price and best quality!

So whether your child if off to school for the very first time or they can’t wait to head into the year above, you will want them looking their best this September.

I also asked my son Joshua if he had any advice for children that are starting school this year, he will be going into year 2. Have a read of what he said below.

Supermarket’s- my best buys


Sainsbury’s uniform is good quality, they offer a good range and some fab low prices.

I bought most of Joshua’s uniform from Sainsbury’s in their 25% off clothes sale. I beat the queues and ordered online to collect in store free of charge.

*Best Sainsbury’s Buys

2 packs of trousers for around £7, I got them for £5 in the sale!


Tesco also offers a wide range of very reasonably priced uniform. They also provide an embroidery service, so you can pick your schools logo and get it stitched onto the Tesco jumpers! How fab is that!

*Best Tesco Buys

These 2 packs of finafores for around £8 seemed a really good price!


Not only does George at Asda offer low prices and good quality uniform, they seem to offer a wider range of clothes of uniform, with even more colours available online. The also offer a 100 day satisfaction guarantee which is great for parents.

*Best Asda Buys

I thought this 5 pack of white shirts for around £6 was great value.


Known for its low prices and money saving groceries, Aldi have even brought out a school uniform package for a fiver! Have a nosy online! We bought some uniform from Aldi last year and was extremely happy with the quality.

*Best Aldi Buys-

I would have to mention their jumpers as they are only £1 a jumper! Amazing! Also, their 5 pack of school socks are only £1.79!

Tips and Advice.

I asked my son if he would like to answer a couple of questions about school to help any children who are starting school for the first time-

Tell everyone how old you are and what year will you be going into in September? I’m 6 and I’m starting year 2.

Do you like going to school? Yes

What’s the best thing about school? Learning new stuff.

Are the school dinners nice and what’s you favourite meal? Yes, my favourite is sausages, yorkshire pudding with mash (and salad). A yummy biscuit for after.

What do you play in the playground? Zombie Tig!

What do you like learning about in school, your favourite subject? Maths.

Do you have any tips or advice for children that are starting school for first time ever? Yes, you will make lots of friends and the teachers are very nice too.

Look out for my tips on a smoother school run! Coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Back To School 2018- Best Buys and Tips

  1. My little one is on 18 months so I’m not at this stage yet, but it makes me emotionally thinking of buying uniform supplies haha! I love the supermarkets for clothes in general so when the time does come, I’ll be sure to make them my go to for uniforms too!
    PS: zombie tag sounds fun!

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  2. Heard great things about Sainsbury’s uniforms but yet to try them as don’t have a store anywhere near me and nervous about ordering online for sizing so tend to stick with Tesco (great bonus that I get clubcard points) or Asda. Love his tip for those starting school that they will make friends and the teacher’s will be nice. Will have to ask my son who has started year 3 if he plays Zombie Tig.

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