BookTrust Time to Read Campaign 2019: Giveaway and Twitter Party

Have you heard about the Time To Read Campaign by BookTrust?

This campaign is now in it’s fourth year and its mission is to kickstart a love of reading for children all over the country. This year, all reception aged children will receive a free copy of The Cave.

The Time To Read Campaign 2019 aims to get families to read together, long after their children can read by themselves. New research from BookTrust, the UK’s largest children’s reading charity, has found that reading together can help children to share their worries, highlighting the importance of reading and a child’s mental wellbeing.

The research has found that only just over half of children (51 per cent) aged between 8 – 11 actually speak with their parents when they are feeling stressed, sad or worried and a staggering 44% per cent say that they try to forget about the problem or don’t say anything and deal with it to themselves.

Reading together creates the perfect opportunities for parents and carers to not only talk about their day but to start conversations with children about the challenges they might be facing or discuss anything that is worrying them.

Do you and your children find time to read together?

My children love a bedtime story, a bedtime story has always been part of our bedtime routine. They let my children know its time for cuddles and a calmness that helps help relax before bed.

Since learning to read himself, my 7 year old has definitely developed a love of reading which admittedly is usually mostly reading to himself. Each night we read his books brought home from school together before he’s gets comfy in bed to read alone. Some of his favourite books include Harry Potter and anything from David Williams. After reading this research, I definitely will make more of an effort to read together with him.

I definitely want to pass Joshua’s love of reading on to his younger brother and sister. We recently took part in a sort of book swap at our local park. We hide books in the park for other children to find. My children enjoy hiding and finding them whilst we’re playing in the park, then stopping to enjoy a story. Joshua enjoys to read to his younger siblings which is lovely to see. He enjoys getting them to sit and listen whilst he tells them stories putting on funny voices to keep them entertained.


This Thursday, head over to Twitter and join in the #TimetoRead Twitter Party between 8-9pm. There will be book tokens to be won, and developmental psychologist Emma Kenny who will be answering questions during the twitter hour.


Do you fancy winning a gorgeous BookTrust Goody Bag for your family?

All you need to do is click the link below and follow the instructions, there’s three ways to enter! Good Luck

BookTrust Goody Back

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