Children’s Christmas Book Review – My Mother Is A Christmas Elf

Everyone loves a Christmas story, especially children. We love to read them during December, making the run up to Christmas even more special!

Chanetelle Joy Otto, author of the lovely children’s Christmas book, My Mother Is A Christmas Elf, kindly gifted me and my family a digital copy so we could read it together and share our review with you.

This heartwarming story is one  all about the authors childhood memories of how her mum made her Christmas’s special, memories that many of us will share!

Here’s a little from the author, Chantelle Joy Otto-

I am a Christmas nut, maybe the biggest Christmas fan you’ve ever met. I joined a Forum on over a decade ago and when I was given the chance to take over the site I was so excited. I’ve been working every winter nearly full-time on the site to make it the best, most fun and festive Christmas destination online.

Last year, I decided to self-publish the story of my childhood Christmas Memories – as a gift to my own Christmas-obsessed mother. This book is that gift. I want to share the joy and happiness that Christmas brings to everyone.

From baking cookies to knitting matching Christmas jumpers, Chantelle believes her mother must be a Christmas Elf. This lovely rhyming tale is great for parents to read to little ones but nicely and simply written so children could enjoy it themselves.

My children loved this story, it’s definitely one we will read each year and share every Christmas. You and your family can read this book together, details here of where to buy it.


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