Cockfields Pumpkin Festival 2022

You guys know how much we love Cockfields Farm! Well their Pumpkin Festival is my favourite event of the year (apart from the Christmas one that is). Tickets are on sale now and more details can be found on their website.

Cockfields Pumpkin Festival opened over the weekend and is running from Saturday 8th October until the 30th October. We visited on Sunday for our annual visit for some pumpkin picking and much more.

What I love about a day out at Cockfields farm is how much there is to do and how much is included in the ticket price! To make the most of our day, I always arrive at the farm for 10am when it opens and we are usually leaving around 4pm- and I still have to drag the kids away!

The kids absolutely love the pumpkin festival for loads of different reasons, one reason of why they enjoy it so much is grabbing a wheelbarrow and pushing it around the pumpkin patch. There’s little wheelbarrows for little visitors and bigger ones too. Great for carting some giant pumpkins and also brilliant for some photo opportunities. We had loads of fun searching for the biggest pumpkins and spent quite some time pushing those wheelbarrows.

The part of the pumpkin festival that I like is the carving area. All the mess stays on the farm (total mum win), the carving tools are provided – we were given one each for each child so no moaning (another mum win). Plenty of tables are spaced out with buckets for the pumpkin mess (later used as animal feed which my kids loved slopping into a big trailer), there was lots of carving tools and paper towels for your hands (it does get messy).

A great part of the pumpkin festival (and usually of any special event at Cockfields) was the show. During the Pumpkin Festival you can catch Zelda ‘Zappov’s Scarescrow Scare Show’ which was lots of fun. Isla especially loved this and got involved as there was plenty of audience participation. The show was running pretty much all day each hour so there’s plenty of opportunity to see it, plus in between the actors walk around the farm interacting with the children which was great!

A new addition this year during the Pumpkin Festival is the marshmallow toasting! This was a definite hit in our house! There is an additional charge for this activity but Oscar especially would say it was worth it! After toasting the marshmallows, the kids were allowed to put their own sauce on which they thought was amazing!

As well as all this is the usual fun of the farm you can find at Cockfields including the tractor ride and carousel which has no additional costs or limits to how many times you go on them!

There’s animals to see and cuddle throughout the day- from bunnies to snakes. We bathed tortoises and fed the meerkats too. Of course we fed the goats in the animal barn too!

Plus there’s the beach area and playground- I would recommend wellies as the beach was soggy when we went. Don’t forget about the jumping pillow (a favourite of my three children) and the little ride on tractors which they rode down the hills.

We had a brilliant day as usual, the kids love going and never want to leave. I can’t believe we’ll soon be back for the greatest Christmas experience around! Check out my previous reviews of their Pumpkin Festival and Christmas experience.

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