Lapland Mailroom- Letters From Father Christmas

When I stumbled across Lapland Mailroom looking for people to review their product, I knew I wanted to be involved. I love personalised items especially at Christmas and lovely ways such as a letter can help to keep the magic alive, which is fantastic!

Lapland Mailroom lets you personalise a letter from Father Christmas that gets delivered straight to your door! Joshua is always very excited if he ever gets post, he will be absolutely over the moon to receive a letter from Father Christmas himself!

As with most of any online shopping I do, I decided to order my letters using my phone. Once you open the Lapland Mailroom website, there’s an option to personalise your letter. There are 3 sightly different letters to choose from, which I thought was great. Each were worded a little differently and I chose a different one for each of my children.

Once you have chosen which letter, you click to personalise it. There are several drop down boxes for you to fill in starting with where the letter is from Santa or Father Christmas which I thought was a great idea, giving you the option.

You work through each drop down box filling in the details which is super simple and easy to do even on your phone. As I had three to do I was worried it may take a while but I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to personalised.

After filling in these few important boxes you are able to see a preview of the letter, giving you the chance to change or add to the information you input.

The preview letter looks lovely, well presented and I know my children will love them. These letter will definitely be cherished and will make my children’s Christmas even more magical.

Obviously it’s too early to receive our letters just yet! Father Christmas doesn’t write and post them until nearer the big day, but I can’t wait to share then with you so keep an idea out!


Out and About Mummy has also come together with Lapland Mailroom to offer a lucky reader the chance to WIN personalised letters for their children!

All you need to do is answer the following question and comment on this Facebook Post with ‘HO HO HO’-

What did my true love send to me on the sixth day of Christmas?

Some Ts&Cs-

*All letters will be sent out the first week of December,

*If you are the winner, your email will be passed onto Lapland Mailroom who will contact you to order your letter/s,

*Winner receives a free letter per child (4 child max), no cash alternative,

*Closing date 31st October 2018

Good Luck!

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