New Year. New You?

Do you make New Years Resolutions? I’m no good at keeping them! Plus there usually the same every year that I make just because I feel like I should. Making unattainable resolutions can put a lot of stress on ourselves!

But does a New Year have to mean a New You? This year I have decided to look at what I can IMPROVE rather than CHANGE. Take what makes me happy and focus on that.

Last year I rejoined Slimming World since my twins were born almost 4 years old. 3 weeks before Christmas I reached my target and I was actually happy with how I looked! Clothes fit me nicer and I enjoyed buying a few new items of clothes. I suppose naturally over Christmas, I gained a few (7!) pounds so over the next few weeks/months I plan on getting those extra pounds gone. I’m not overly bothered what I actually weigh, I just want to feel happy in myself like I did just before Christmas!

Last September I joined my sisters book club. At first I said there was absolutely no way I could fit in reading one book a month! Not on top of my part time job, being a mum, life admin, my blog, a social life etc etc etc! But I made time and I’m loving it! Before children I used to read everyday so I’m so glad to be back doing it. After not reading in years, I’ve now read 4 books in 4 months and just about to start the next book ‘Life After Life’ by Kate Atkinson. It’s also nice as we meet once a month to discuss the book, but also even a glass of Prosecco and her homemade cakes! A couple of hours away from mum duties, bliss!

Last year I fell in love with Yoga and this year I plan on getting back into it. I loved how it made me feel during the session but also after it and for the rest of the week. Even the sessions where I took the kids along, I managed to clear my mind and focus on my body.

This year I have so many goals for my blog, most of them are just rushing around my head. I’m struggling to get them into any order but I’m excited for the future. I haven’t even bought a 2020 diary or calendar yet so that’s my first job. Then I’m going to sit down, plan and focus on my goals for the coming year.

Don’t change YOU and don’t make resolutions if you don’t wanna make them! Start with what makes you happy and take it from there…

2 thoughts on “New Year. New You?

  1. Hi. love th post. Im also trying to loose a little weight this year. Last year I went from a siz 18 to a 12. Now im back to a 14 and creeping into a 16. So back to a healthy routine. Eating well and spending time at the gym again.

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