Oldham Theatre Workshop- Hansel and Gretel

You probably know by now how much me and my family love a trip to the theatre. Oldham Library invited me and Joshua to come along and we were very excited.

Over the past few years we have seen lots of shows in Oldham Libraries performance space, we are truly lucky to have such a fab library in our town!

After the success of last year’s Christmas performance Peter Pan, Oldham Theatre Workshop are back with one of the world’s best loved fairy-tale, Hansel and Gretel.

The story is well-known, brother and sister Hansel and Gretel are left in the woods by their Stepmother and Father as they’re too poor to feed four! After starving for days, getting more and more lost in the woods, the children stumble on a house made out of gingerbread and sweets. They meet a nice old lady, who turns out not to be what she seems!

Written by Sarah Nelson and James Altheron, this production is performed by a small cast including a few children who portray some small woodland creatures.

The tale of Hansel and Gretel is quite dark but Oldham Theatre Workshop got the right mix of suspense, humour, storytelling and songs to make suitable and enjoyable for the whole family.

The entire cast were fantastic. A favourite of mine was defiantly Sophie Ellicott’s performance as both the stepmother and the witch. She not only had a fantastic voice but a lot of the humour came from her.

Another cast member that shone was Madeline Edmonson. She was the narrator but also the moon! Fantastic performance as the moon, she brought some magic to stage!

My son said his favourite part was the last song about children. He also loved the fox, mouse and hedgehog!

A fabulous family show that’s a must-see this Christmas. Tickets can be bought online or at Oldham Library now. More details about tickets can be found here.

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