Review and Giveaway- Nipper Cards- Affirmation Cards for Children

This past year has certainly been tough to say the least and I can tell my mental wellbeing has been tested more than it’s ever been before. It’s difficult to know how our children feel and understand about what’s happening. Understanding how our children are thinking and feeling during these uncertain times can be difficult in itself. It can be hard to start a conversation with young children about their feelings and even with older children, especially when we, their parents don’t have all the answers.

Nipper Cards offer a powerful and fun way to help children understand their feelings and affirm their belief in themselves. I was asked if I’d like to try them out for ourselves and I thought they were a lovely idea and perfect for the current climate.

Nipper Cards are created for children aged 4 and over and are designed to help them deal with daily worries. Each pack has 52 playing cards in, and beautifully designed with colouring animals on. Each card has an animal that represents a quality and each animal has four messages which reflect both sides of that quality.

For older children, a great way to start conversations is to shuffle the cards and ask them to choose a card. Talk about the card together, asking them how they feel about the one they chose. Talking about and naming feelings, enables children to understand their emotions and learnt to balance them.

There’s also a few games you can play with the cards including Snap and Memory Game, and this is what I did with my younger children. We decided to play a memory game. I shuffled all the cards and lay them on the table. I explained to my children (4 year old twins) that we take turns at picking two cards and we were trying to match the animals. My two enjoyed turning the cards over searching for the correct cards. They also liked spotting the different colours and number on the cards. I read the messages to them on each card, there was lots of lovely messages in there.

Going forward I am going to use the cards with my eldest. He would love to play Snap with me, but at 8 years old he can read the cards himself so we will be able to talk more about the messages.


We have teamed up with Nipperbout to offer one lucky reader to win a set of Nipper Cards -Affirmation for Children. These cards are worth £9.99.

To enter just complete the form below and tell us why you would use these with your children and how old they are-

Good Luck

Terms and Conditions;

  • UK residents only,
  • no alternative prize,
  • the winners details will be passed onto Nipperbout they can send prize,
  • winner chosen at random,
  • no details will be saved after the competition closes,
  • competition ends Friday 20th November 2020.

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