Roco Clothing

I recently attended a focus group in Manchester City center with Roco Clothing. Roco Clothing offer children’s formal wear and to be honest I hadn’t heard of them before.

From the focus group I did pick up several points. From looking at the Roco clothes I had expected their prices to have been very expensive, way too expensive for myself. I was wrong. Their prices are very reasonable, cheaper even in fact than some supermarket brands!

The quality of the clothing was exceptional! Whilst at the focus group, we had a chance to compare different brands of formal wear including popular known names such as Monsoon and Next, and the clothing Roco sell, especially the Paisley By London range, this came out top! If you have 5 minutes it is definitely worth checking out Paisley of London’s Instagram account! Gorgeous!

My boys each received a matching suit and carrying two small suit bags home was extremely cute! I love them.

Check out this gorgeous dress Isla got sent! I struggled to get her to take it off, she loves it. Once again the quality is great. It has lovely lace detailing and a beautiful skirt.

This soft pink dress sells at £64.99 and I think would be perfect for a special occasion. My little girl will be wearing it for a very special wedding in the near future. Isla absolutely loved trying this dress on and happily twirled for the camera.

Isla was also a very lucky girl as she got sent these absolutely beautiful pair of shoes. They are white with the most gorgeous bow full of pearls! She adores them and calls them her ‘princess shoes’. She recently wore them for a family photoshoot we had done by Bev at Inspired by Joseph, look at this stunning photo!

The boys suits are lovely and extremely high quality, take a look!

They have a very striking lining on the collar that I absolutely love!

From a practical point, I love that the trousers have an elasticated waste, this is great for my two little boys. My eldest, Joshua has such a little waist that trousers usually fall down him, but I can’t buy smaller as he needs the length! These are perfect!

Another great touch it that the suit for my younger little boy, Oscar came with two ties, one of which is elasticated so we can just pop it over his head! Fantastic!

I haven’t managed a successful photo of the boys in their suits yet. They say don’t work with animals or children and I now know why! Keep checking back as I’m hoping they cooperate very soon, otherwise you’ll see them at the wedding!

Check out my first attempt of Oscar, he hates getting dressed! Wish me luck! He does look cute though!

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