Toddler Sense Tameside

We were invited to come and have a play at Toddler Sense Tameside this afternoon and we were so excited!

We headed to the session at Heyrod Village Hall in Stalybridge. My children were amazed when we walked into the room, it looked fantastic! On arrival we met the lovely Laura who runs the classes.

There was lots of colourful floor mats, a big ball pool, soft climbing equipment, a huge bouncy castle and slide, tunnels, bouncy ride-ons, inflatable guitars and much much more!

The first half of the session was free play. My two couldn’t wait to explore! They both loved the ball pool, their favourite game was to empty it! They took turns at balancing and walking along the soft climbing cubes.

Laura let us know when it was time to tidy up, she put on some groovy music and the kids got involved to. My two were having so much fun collecting balls and the inflatables they didn’t even realise they were tidying up!

Next was the structured part of the session. We all sat down on the mats in a circle and Laura introduced the hello song. The children all collected a ‘Tod’ soft toy each, the Toddler Sense mascot and we were ready to sing and dance!

Each week the sessions are themed, this week’s theme was to do with dance and movement which was great as my two do love to dance. It was Mambo Jambo week!

The session was full of music, bright pom poms, colourful ribbons, sensory lights, bubbles and so much more! Check out some of my photos below-

Each week has a different theme. The activities in the structured half are short which is great for little ones who have short attention spans, it keeps them interested.

Toddler Sense Tameside runs classes in term time in Stalybridge, Denton and Ashton and Laura is taking booking now for next term! You can check out the Facebook page for more information and how to book.

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