Why The Great Outdoors Is Really Great For Your Family

The majority of your child’s day is spent indoors, either in the classroom or at home. Due to many reasons of modern life, we tend to be inside for the majority of the day. Plus with video games, the TV, the internet and tablets, getting your kids excited to head outdoors (whatever the weather) could be tough!

But there are so many benefits to getting outdoors! For the whole family.

Yes, the GREAT outdoors is really GREAT!

The benefits of outdoor play for children is massive from allowing them to explore their environment to giving them a sense of adventure and freedom they just can’t get from being indoors. Getting outdoors more often also promotes better physical, mental and emotional health for everyone, great for our overall well-being.

There’s also plenty of advantages for the whole family to spend more time outside; my kids seem to sleep better at night after an exciting day outside. Getting some much needed fresh air and blowing away the cobwebs feels great and can have a positive impact on the whole family.

Luckily my children prefer to be outdoors so it’s easy to get them excited to spend the day outside. One of our favourite places and things to do is to throw stones into the rock pools at the beach in Morecambe Bay, that would keep my three entertained for hours.

6 thoughts on “Why The Great Outdoors Is Really Great For Your Family

  1. The little welly event sounds like loads of fun. Being outdoors is so good for everyone, we are definitely striving to get in a bigojg family walk in the countryside as often as we can this year b

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  2. I love being outdoors. I work from home as a childminder. I love working with children and the fact I’m free to be able to take them out to different places most days is a bonus. I’m a fan of the outdoors.

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